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What can we do to get our intelligentsia to focus on the major problems of our time?

It seems that we (humanity, particularly in Western cultures) have far more (in number) intelligent people either complaining about, placing blame for, or making fun of the problems of our day than actually trying to fix them. How do we re-instill an attitude or belief that we can overcome our problems in people who have already stopped trying or never really believed it possible?


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    Oct 31 2011: Back again to the "intelligentsia", is that particular group really the main factor of our major problem?

    We also take part and factors who indirectly support those problems with our daily actions.

    As citizens of the world, we need to think globally but act simply. It all starts from small actions to increase awareness. Just do our role as good citizens and respect the governors and other parties in charge whether they do their roles or not, soon they will feel bad for themselves if they don't.

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