Dominic Randolph

Head of School, Riverdale Country School


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How can we better assess and develop non-cognitive strengths in our students?

Given the work of Seligman, Mischel, Duckworth, Schwartz, Fredrickson, Iyengar et al. How can we get schools and universities develop such strengths as resilience, grit, curiosity, self-control, social our students starting from the youngest grades.

If IQ is important but not sufficient for leading a meaningful and purposeful life, then why are we not connecting some of the ideas in cognitive science more robustly to the developing of character strengths in our children. There is not even a clear agreement on a "language of character" that we can use to help give our students feedback.

How could we do this better if educators and psychologists agree that building these capacities are essential? Why is there not a more public debate and awareness in education about this research and its implications for schools?