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Why is visual literacy discouraged in most cultures & WHAT CAN WE DO to change that?

This LIVE CONVERSATION will open at 1PM ET/ 10AM PT on Monday, October 31th! Join me!

Visual literacy, if described as the ability to communicate via doodling, drawing, and sketching or described as the ability to display complex information in visual language formats, is often a literacy missing in adults despite it being a universal and natural inclination in children. Why does it disappear? And more importantly, what can we do to alter this course?

**ADMIN UPDATE: Sunni Brown has asked to extend her Conversation for two weeks. She will be jumping in to catch up with responses over the next two weeks. Happy posting everyone!


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    Oct 31 2011: Maybe it's why so much ADD shows up in our classrooms... it's not the brain, but rather the environment that has become so restrictive. We forget that the artistic part of our brain solves real problems.

    It's my humble opinion that the arts are not valued and that we are socializing our creativity out of existence.
    Just my 2 cents before this thread closes.

    PS- ADD in adults is not as troublesome because adults can choose their environments to thrive and be successful. Schools tend to think that kids should be good at EVERYTHING (and the choices are limited) when that's now how we are organized in life. We choose the areas that we want to and can be good and satisfied with.

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