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Why is visual literacy discouraged in most cultures & WHAT CAN WE DO to change that?

This LIVE CONVERSATION will open at 1PM ET/ 10AM PT on Monday, October 31th! Join me!

Visual literacy, if described as the ability to communicate via doodling, drawing, and sketching or described as the ability to display complex information in visual language formats, is often a literacy missing in adults despite it being a universal and natural inclination in children. Why does it disappear? And more importantly, what can we do to alter this course?

**ADMIN UPDATE: Sunni Brown has asked to extend her Conversation for two weeks. She will be jumping in to catch up with responses over the next two weeks. Happy posting everyone!


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  • Oct 31 2011: A lot of schools are overwhelmed with standardized testing which focuses more on literacy (reading and writing), math, and science. Other subjects, especially the arts are considered "add-ons." I find it fascinating that while our culture is becoming increasingly visual, schools tend to go the opposite way. What people don't realize is that visual literacy will actually make you more than competent in all endeavors.
    • Oct 31 2011: Please don't generalise so!! In my classroom (Geography and Critical Thinking) in the UK, I actively promote the use of visualisation as a fundamental means to promote the learning of content and the development of higher level cognitive skills of pattern spotting, problem solving and making connections between diverse elements!!
      • Oct 31 2011: Alistair, I don't mean to generalize. Your classroom sounds wonderful. Please keep doing what you're doing! My thoughts come from education news in the U.S. especially about high-stakes testing and merit pay. I firmly believe in a well rounded education in all subjects.

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