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Why is visual literacy discouraged in most cultures & WHAT CAN WE DO to change that?

This LIVE CONVERSATION will open at 1PM ET/ 10AM PT on Monday, October 31th! Join me!

Visual literacy, if described as the ability to communicate via doodling, drawing, and sketching or described as the ability to display complex information in visual language formats, is often a literacy missing in adults despite it being a universal and natural inclination in children. Why does it disappear? And more importantly, what can we do to alter this course?

**ADMIN UPDATE: Sunni Brown has asked to extend her Conversation for two weeks. She will be jumping in to catch up with responses over the next two weeks. Happy posting everyone!


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    Oct 31 2011: Sunni - What's up? Where's the Doodle Revolution going?
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      Oct 31 2011: Hey there, Todd! The Doodle Revolution is going on a global campaign for visual literacy. This will take the form of workshops, webinars, public interactive art events, an annual Doodle event (first one held in Austin!), a doodle chain-letter and a book coming out next year. As you can tell, the Revolution requires people power and that is a slower build. Education and Movement need brains and hands to impress themselves upon.
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        Oct 31 2011: Awesome. Let me know how I can help with the workshops. Totally up my alley.
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        Oct 31 2011: Education and Movement needs brains and bodies, hopefully being used simultaneously. The hands are of importance aspect of movement and language skills.
      • Oct 31 2011: I think teaching people how to think visually is wonderful. I have seen you speak before Sunni and it is completely inspiring. I am wondering if the conversation could expand from learning to think visually, to teaching visually as well. Thoughts?
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          Oct 31 2011: Thank you, Celeste. I'm motivated by the learners! In the future, I'm looking to train a cadre of visual facilitators and visual thinkers so they can go forth in the world and educate. My current inspired book on that is called The Art of the Changing the Brain.

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