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Why is visual literacy discouraged in most cultures & WHAT CAN WE DO to change that?

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Visual literacy, if described as the ability to communicate via doodling, drawing, and sketching or described as the ability to display complex information in visual language formats, is often a literacy missing in adults despite it being a universal and natural inclination in children. Why does it disappear? And more importantly, what can we do to alter this course?

**ADMIN UPDATE: Sunni Brown has asked to extend her Conversation for two weeks. She will be jumping in to catch up with responses over the next two weeks. Happy posting everyone!


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  • Oct 31 2011: What I find interesting is that we are discussing this as we ourselves (Americans) are shifting away from traditional literacy to sharing information visually. I find that as we undergo this shift, subtle yet important ideas are lost. There is value in literature exploring the abstract concepts which give meaning and weight to our words. Therefore, we should integrate visual imagery into society, but continue to maintain robust literacy.

    A picture does indeed speak a thousand words, but we still need to know the words and concepts behind every picture.
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      Oct 31 2011: Ali, I make a distinction between consumption of visual content and production of it. I believe people should be taught to do both. Intelligently consume visual content and intelligently portray it for their own and others' understanding and analysis.

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