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Sexism in Ian McGilchrist's talk The Divided Brain.

Throughout McGilchrist's animated talk, himself and RSA animate consistenly use pictures of men to demonstrate the scientific evidence about the brain. There are no female images, faces or bodies drawn for a centerpiece of discussion. Only MALE images are drawn. Surely this makes the scientific evidence less credible or at least questionable. McGhilchrist has demonstrated a gendered leaning towards men as the superior sex.

I wonder how all of the female sex feel about this? And the male sex?

I thought McGilchrist's talk was very interesting, but the lack of insight and leadership involving the widely repressed sex is much more interesting.

This brings Gilchrist's ethical and scientific judgement into question.

Think! Now. Tell me what you just thought :).


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    Oct 29 2011: Anthony, this is only an interesting topic because you noticed it and demonstrate your own bias of the opposite sex.
    His talk was highlighting the need to explore and expand the capacity of the right brain.
    Try to be more creative in the application of his talk instead of focusing on the flaws in your opionion.
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      Oct 31 2011: I believe my response to Ian McGilchrist's talk was very creative, intuitive and inspirational. I do not have a bias. Bias is a prejudice. I am speaking out against prejudice, I am speaking the truth, your bias doesn't allow you to see the truth.
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        Nov 3 2011: Do you read yourself man? You're in love with yourself, seriously.
      • Nov 3 2011: Very creative? You pointed out a lack of females in a drawing about a speech about a topic having nothing to do with sexism.

        You made no reasonable attack on the content of the speech, but ended with this outrageous gem:
        "This brings Gilchrist's ethical and scientific judgement into question."
        Which you did nothing to prove.

        You're not making a point, you're forwarding your own specific mindset. Why not comment on the presence or lack of other races? Children? Animals?

        You dont have a point, you have a soapbox. Matthieu is right, you post to hear your own voice.

        ABE: this is what i find frustrating about diversity/PC mindsets. Attackers spend more time being upset about the makeup (which was not designed with a sexual bias intentionally) rather than the content.

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