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Despite the controversy over patents, what is a progressive take on authorship in the collaborative world?

Live TED Conversation: Join TED Fellow Kaustuv Be Biswas

A US- and India-based entrepreneur whose experimental design firm, dplay, is building open-source toolboxes for design.

This Conversation opens on Nov. 8th at 1:00PM ET


Closing Statement from Kaustuv De Biswas

There is a clear unresolved bifurcation between the desire to share collaborate freely, and the need to own and protect - more so in the creative domains. With the current backdrop of the US patent reform bill - which does not quite capture the common frustrations (eg. commercial giants hard to compete with), the conversation touched upon some interesting ideas and facets - from 'micro-patents', to 'free-essentials', to 'open patenting rounds' to 'ownership responsibilities' . Thank you all for an interesting hour!

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  • Nov 8 2011: Do you have any thoughts on why a country like India with so many trained technical and scientific resources is not generating enough IP or coming up with innovative world class products (besides the oft quoted example of the Tata Nano car)? Even the large and successful Indian IT companies appear to be totally focused on delivering services and don't have any product offerings (software or hardware) that are recognizable in the global marketplace.
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      Nov 8 2011: Arun, I recently started off an IP based company and part of it exists in India. From what I saw, its not the deficit in training, but a deficit in attitude that is at the heart of it. My hunch is that the core issue lies in the dogmatic and closed nature of our educational systems are. Its a longer conversation and being born and brought up in India, i feel very closely to this issue and I plan to invest myself to bring about a change - however small it might be!

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