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Despite the controversy over patents, what is a progressive take on authorship in the collaborative world?

Live TED Conversation: Join TED Fellow Kaustuv Be Biswas

A US- and India-based entrepreneur whose experimental design firm, dplay, is building open-source toolboxes for design.

This Conversation opens on Nov. 8th at 1:00PM ET


Closing Statement from Kaustuv De Biswas

There is a clear unresolved bifurcation between the desire to share collaborate freely, and the need to own and protect - more so in the creative domains. With the current backdrop of the US patent reform bill - which does not quite capture the common frustrations (eg. commercial giants hard to compete with), the conversation touched upon some interesting ideas and facets - from 'micro-patents', to 'free-essentials', to 'open patenting rounds' to 'ownership responsibilities' . Thank you all for an interesting hour!

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    Nov 8 2011: Maybe we need a reverse of the current bill - what the current US bill pushes is early submission and protection. that in my opinion paves the way for more bogus patents. Rather what if the patenting around an idea remains open until an idea reaches a stage of maturity, depth and value. who ever participates in such a seed round, will co-share rights to ownership in some appropriate mechanism (maybe in a vested manner). What that will allow is to enlarge participation and speed up the process.

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