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Despite the controversy over patents, what is a progressive take on authorship in the collaborative world?

Live TED Conversation: Join TED Fellow Kaustuv Be Biswas

A US- and India-based entrepreneur whose experimental design firm, dplay, is building open-source toolboxes for design.

This Conversation opens on Nov. 8th at 1:00PM ET


Closing Statement from Kaustuv De Biswas

There is a clear unresolved bifurcation between the desire to share collaborate freely, and the need to own and protect - more so in the creative domains. With the current backdrop of the US patent reform bill - which does not quite capture the common frustrations (eg. commercial giants hard to compete with), the conversation touched upon some interesting ideas and facets - from 'micro-patents', to 'free-essentials', to 'open patenting rounds' to 'ownership responsibilities' . Thank you all for an interesting hour!

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  • Nov 8 2011: Is authorship synonymous with ownership?
    • Nov 8 2011: Kaustuv - it's not like a thought it through or anything :) - but i would argue that technology as we know it NOW as with it's exponential growth of capabilities will enable co-creators to not just manage a project (we all know that is happening) but also manage "authorship portions" if you will, bounded of course by pre-determined rules of engagement. as a designer and creator of IP, i can honestly say that if i knew that my rights on creation X were secure - it would take a load of my shoulders even if i knew that my "share", in whatever form - would be smaller. on the contrary, i would have been happy to share it with others. now there's a start-up for you - an intelligent IP-sharing engine :)
      easy? - no.
      possible? - absolutely.
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        Nov 8 2011: hah! an intelligent IP-sharing engine :) my hunch is the solution would be more ideological than technological!
        • Nov 8 2011: :)
          i would have to agree, although...gets me thinking a little bit...think of what happens in the music industry, film industry, soon with TC content, the kickstarter model etc...
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      Nov 8 2011: the latter is probably claimed :)
    • Nov 8 2011: not always, but i think that for the sake of this discussion yes.

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