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Traveling - what is that all about?

Life teaches us in the best possible way, doesn't it! In this respect, the most useful part of it has been traveling. Spinning round and round like a rolling stone or soaring like a kite if you prefer - wherever the wind takes you in a whisk or a blow ...

Seeing and experiencing new places has been the most genuine source of knowledge and growth in my life - not only do I learn about my closest friends who I travel with but I also get to know myself better by seeing the world through a different set of eyes every time.

So, my question (OK may be a few ?) to the TED community is:

1. What is traveling to you - a way of life, growth, escape or...?

2. Where would you most like to go?

3. Can you recommend a gorgeous place where you've been?

I'll tell you all my answers at the end of our discussion here 'cause you gotta earn them I guess. ;) Enjoy!

Closing Statement from Silvia Marinova

Now to give you my closing statement:
Travelling for me is growth and escape because otherwise I feel trapped in one place really.
I'd most like to visit Japan and live there for some time I guess.
As for a gorgeous place I've been to I'd recommend a mountain in Bulgaria: Rila.
Thank you all for participating ... it's been a pleasure!

  • Oct 29 2011: 1. Travelling is a lifestyle. A lifestyle more fascinating than anything else I can imagine. It is erratic, exciting and educating in such a way like nothing else is. Some people see travelling and constant changing of their place of stay as a great way to escape problems and perhaps find peace at a different location. I dont think that works. You cant run away from yourself ... all the unsolved problems that you have stay with you in your head, no matter where you are. I would say, that the true core of travelling is graspable for balanced people, who do not feel like they need to run away and distract their restless minds by amusement. Traveling is something that will never get boring. It is something that gives you the opportunity to keep your eyes and mind open, and it can give you the knowledge you would never dream of having.

    2. I would love to see Norway, New Zealand, Cuba and NYC. ... and many more!

    3. I love the charm of the historical European towns in the Mediterrean area and in the middle as well. The narrow streets, old buildings, crammed little shops by the pavements... I highly recommend Sardinia in summer, and come visit Slovak mountain peaks as well ;)
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    Oct 31 2011: Travel is making the effort to learn - really learn - about other people. It is opening your mind, putting your stereotypes on hold and taking a good look at another way of life. I really want to go to China, Turkey and to Latin America. One of my favourite days of my life was spent in a volcanic valley in Dominique in the Caribean. It was utterly magical floating in a man made (literally man made with human muscle) pool of bordered by rocks that was heated by the sulphuric waters coming from the mountain side with the tree canopy seeming to be a million miles above me and the sky a million miles beyond the tree tops. It was really at a place called ' Screw's spa' and the owner was the sweetest most humourous, kindest Rastafarian named - wait for it- Screw (a friend of a friend). Another glorious day was spent in Arizona with its otherworldly landscape and a wood pecker digging a hole in a cactus as I had breakfast. Another glorious day was spent in Greece on the islands (but I did get stung by a jelly fish).(big hug to you Silvia!)
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      Oct 31 2011: Big hug right back at ya. :) SO Greece is a MUST to visit then ... and even if I don't escape the jellyfish I'd have a great time. ;)
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    Nov 3 2011: I don't like it when people say I'm going "travelling". They seem to present the idea like it's a noble cause like they are about to go and do some kind of pilgrimage to themselves, what do you want a medal ?
    So you bummed round India on a higher income than anyone else you encountered? Increased your carbon footprint and did some poverty tourism so you could really get a feeling for it ?
    I call that going on a long holiday with a rucksack.
    The scary thing is most people, it seems that can actually be in a position financially to do this without bankrupting their lives, have yet to have worked a day in their own countries ?
    Also, why is it called "travelling" when that is the worst part of a holiday ? surely the point is visiting, encountering, exploring ? why not say I'm going "visiting" ?
    I need a holiday
    Ecuador is pretty awesome !
    • Nov 3 2011: I am hoping that Ecuador is my next "visit." Finding the and enjoying the real side of things is the point.
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      Nov 4 2011: I agree ... VISITING it shall be then!
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    Nov 3 2011: As odd as it may seem, I often fantasize about getting lost. I would love to take a random bus one day and get off in a place that I do not know. I would spend an entire day at my random destination, meet some new friends, explore new places, but most importantly...find myself

    Its strange how some of us need to get lost to do that
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    Nov 2 2011: Traveling is an escape for me. I get away from the daily 'drudgery' of work and routine. I try to go places I've never been before (with the exception of traveling to see family). I love seeing new places and experiencing new things. It scares me, but I do it anyway! I think we all get a bit complacent times and need a bit of shaking up.

    I can't decide where I would most like to go. I want to go to China, for the history and the chance to see Pandas. I'm looking forward to going to England in 4 years (I'm planning on taking a course at Oxford the summer of my 60th birthday). I want to go to Seattle because I've heard so much about it. Australia is another location. There are so many places to go - Antartica, Japan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Spain, too many to list.

    As for a place to recommend - Alaska was spectacular. The mountains, the glaciers, the wildlife. The size of the flowers, because of the extended sunshine, was amazing. The Grand Canyon and the Valley of Fire were beautiful and at times unexpected.

    Another place I would recommend is my home state of Connecticut. Everything from beautiful shoreline communities to theatre (New Haven, where they try out shows before Broadway) to aquariums where you can get up close to a Beluga whale. A small state, but a lot of beauty and a lot of things to do.
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      Nov 8 2011: You can't imagine how right you are, Deborah! Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Oct 29 2011: I will start answering questions directly:

    1. What is traveling for me? - an opportunity to meet interesting people, a way to understand myself better and to find explanations for myself and the actions of others.
    2. Where would I go? - I would go everywhere. I can't say where would I go the most coz wherever I go It will be great even if it seems horrible;).
    3. Can you recommend a gorgeous place where you have been? - St. Vincent & Grenadines
  • Oct 29 2011: Traveling is learning for me. I love the part where you learn about other cultures, more than the history. I've been in many countries in the different continents. My favorite place is the country sides of Viet Nam, I love the way people live and care for others, they are mostly of low income (if any) but they are kind and loving, and they keep no resentment against those who have harm them (or their families), I am quiet impressed with the kindness of their hearts and how they are able to find happyness in their days, no matter how difficult they may be; so, said all these, traveling enables me to appreciate other people's qualities and learn from them. Just for the record, I do want to live in the outskirts of Italy, and I also love NY & Paris (no wonder I have one kid that wants to live in NYC and another in the mountains of VA)
  • Oct 28 2011: Hi Silvia
    1. Traveling for me is passion, not a passion, but passion. Real passion is unlocking the senses. I love the new place, new vista and the new experience.
    2. I would most like to go wherever my love is...but places are Italy and Southern France and more countries in S. America.
    3. The Mayan ruins at Palenque in Mexico are on of the most beautiful places in all of the world. Another is La Plaza de la Luna in Teotihuacan, Mexico. I want to go to the next most beautiful spot, I just haven't been there yet.
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      Oct 30 2011: Hi Michael,
      I'm pretty sure you'll find that spot in no time. ;) Hopefully, soon as well.
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    Oct 28 2011: I have lived "all over the world" (Canada, United States, Kenya, China) and travelled to tons of other countries - Australia, New Zealand, South and Central America, all over Europe, all over Africa, Mauritius, India, etc.

    And, the odd thing is I do not like travelling. If there wasn't a reason to go, I would never have left my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. But there have been all kinds of reasons to go to different places: work, setting up education programs in Africa, a wife who wanted to work in China, and so on, so I have travelled a lot. Once I'm in a place, it's all good but getting there, and back, is not something I like to do.

    So I have been all over the place and learned a lot as a result. But the "really important lessons" I did not need to leave Vancouver to learn. As my favourite quote goes: "What you are looking for is within you." And, if you know how, you can find that without ever leaving your living room.

    Now, having said that, the two most beautiful places I have been to are: Canada, especially British Columbia; and New Zealand. Both are stunning. But there is beauty everywhere. China is also very cool - the history and culture here are phenomenal.
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      Oct 29 2011: As a matter of fact, we start believing the quote: " What you are looking for is within you" , after searching the whole world. Its an irony..
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        Oct 29 2011: QUOTE: "As a matter of fact, we start believing the quote: " What you are looking for is within you" , after searching the whole world. Its an irony.."

        Yes, this is sometimes the case. There are even songs written about it ... finding what we are looking for in "our own backyard" the "hero is in you" and so on.

        Fortunately, I was able to discover this simple truth even before I started to travel and, I suppose, it is one of the things that allowed me to consider travelling even though I don't like it: I knew I would "be okay" wherever I was because ... "what I was looking for was already within" so I would be taking it with me wherever I went.
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    Oct 28 2011: 1. Travelling is a way to be free: uprooted from familiar and everything feels fresh and exciting... I feel on high alert and always stimulated... in a way i also feel free from myself and totally in the world outside.

    2. The Himalayas...

    3. Genoa, Italy
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    Oct 27 2011: What a fun video . . . I'd love to visit all those places.

    Your questions are good. Traveling for me is an escape mostly but along with the escape comes learning just from being in a new place. Learning implies growth. It's everything!

    A gorgeous place to visit: The Rocky Mountains of Colorado, any season. For example:
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      Oct 30 2011: How incredible the Rockies are indeed. :) Thanks for sharing, lynn!
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    Oct 27 2011: 1) Experiences, definitely. But you have to stay at one place for a few months. Else you're just a tourist.
    2) The next place that would put me out of my comfort zone. I've never seen China...
    3) Coromandel peninsula, New Zealand. But break off the well travelled roads... I had the place most days to myself. Ever strip down and have a shower under a 50ft waterfall?
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      Oct 29 2011: definitely agree with staying in one place for a few months
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      Oct 30 2011: Hi James,
      As long as China is mentioned ...
      I'd recommend this: :)
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      Nov 1 2011: Hi Silvia,
      Traveling is unwinding, thrilling, learning, growing, sharing. Everywhere I have been people have been so extraordinary, warm and kind that I feel like I have a huge family all over the globe. Your question has made me see many good places. Shower under a 50ft water fall sounds awesome..
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        Nov 1 2011: The shower under the waterfall really sounds awesome! I do remember so many nice places as well so I guess it's just a matter of not forgetting. ;)
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          Nov 1 2011: I am imagining New Zealand...would be nice to go with friends..
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    Nov 3 2011: Very nice question :)

    1. For me, traveling means mainly packing (I am a full-time mum :) ), ensuring we have everything we need which sometimes is pretty stressful. However, before I became mother, traveling meant letting all the haste of work life behind me, turning off the 'speed' life and enjoy the moments.
    2. I like to visit old places, full of architecture, history and hidden beauty. Most of all, I enjoy searching for places by myself on the net, and then visiting them. Geo caching pretty helps with it. And lots of learning comes with it as well.
    3. Hard to say, as I have may places that I like, but it is also connected to the time spend there with certain people, with a specific mood... But maybe Vlkolinec in Slovakia (if you like nature, folklore, hiking). You can rent a cottage there for a longer weekend, and go hiking in Low Tatras.
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    Nov 1 2011: 1. Traveling for me is a way to free our mind from the stress of our daily routine. It also helps to improve our understanding of everything in life. During travels, if we're lucky, we can identify what are the things that really matter in our lives. A single travel could change our perception on life and how we live it.
    2. I cannot specify one place because i want to go to pretty much everywhere, so yeah, anywhere that i can go to.
    3. I can only recommend my country, particularly my state, Sabah, because i only have been traveling around here. We have beautiful islands, breathtaking scenery, great foods, and we also have the tallest mountain in South East Asia.
    p/s: I hope I can travel around the world some time soon. haha. :D
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      Nov 8 2011: Ah, routine ... If you think adventure is dangerous ... try routine - it's lethal! :)
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    V Raj

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    Nov 1 2011: To each it's own.. Travelling can’t be an escape ever coz like the old adage says ‘U can take a Roman out of the Rome but can’t take Rome out of a Roman’. Yet I believe people do use travelling as an escape as it allows them to put off what they want to put off for some time.

    I would say that Travelling for me has been a way of life. Travel is making the effort to learn not just about other people but also about Ur-Self in a world out of Ur Comfort Zone and I believe it’s the best way to explore One-self, beside, being an opportunity to meet interesting people. It is opening Ur mind, questioning Ur Belief, putting Ur stereotypes on hold and taking a good look at another way of life.

    Having had the opportunity to travel and see a large part of the world, I wouldn’t hesitate in saying that there’s a lot more that’s left to see... I really want to go to China & KOREA and I would love to explore more of INDIA..

    Though doing the same activity again never gives U the same thrill like it did the first time yet there are many days that I wouldn’t mind reliving like ‘Sitting on top of a Pyramid in Egyptian Deserts and watching the SUN Come up in distance’ or ‘A drive through the Bamiyan Valley with those massive Budha Statues watching over U (Unfortunately that’s something completely out thanks to the destruction of those lovely statues by religious fanatics)’ or ‘my first solo Para-jump from the heights of 17500 feet in the picturesque New Zealand’

    Place that I would recommend for anyone to see...

    The Himalayas
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    Oct 31 2011: Traveling for me has been a way of life for the past two years. After a restaurant i was managing went under I decided to hitchhike out of Florida. In one years time i made it throughout the Untied states apart from the Pacific North West. For me this was on the surface about myself (hero's quest if you will) however it turned out it was for everyone else. The people I met forever changed my world the love and compassion I received on the road confirmed people are good. I put myself in a position to help asking for nothing and receiving everything. Now I maintaine those connections even to the point I am living and working an organic farm in Ga for the most beautiful family. I have even moved my mother in the area and are working on my own plot. The human connections are what make life worth living.

    Where I most would like to go is the old world. I have plans in the works to get into Europe where the biggest leg of my journey will lay and by the end of one life maybe my foot prints will be across the world.

    In all of my travels so far the beauty of the land coupled with the down home hospitality of the people has to be the Appalachian mountains.
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    Oct 29 2011: 1) Travelling to me is to unwind myself after months of work and study.It's fun to travel!
    2)I would like to go to Paramaribo in Suriname (it's a country situated in South America) because that country is unique and exotic to me.
    3)I would strongly recommend Langkawi,Malaysia.It's a piece of heaven on earth.I love it!
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    Oct 29 2011: Hai Silvia

    1) For every travel you make, you see a new world, new people,new life style, new languages , new religions, we start believing the moment when we touch down an alien place, one life time is not enough to see all in the world. When we reach back to home, there is always a feeling i have grown up 5 years mentally and less 5 years again mentally, i mean you sort of get refined and feel close to god, and you are not the same old person any more. I see people who got a habit of travelling are more happy, they take things lightly and there seem to a spark in their eyes, i read from there faces they have found out something...
    2) Places buzzing with people.
    3) Of course INDIA , for that matter any part all are distinct .
    Happy travelling
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      Oct 29 2011: I wanted to contribute something to the discussion, but I see that Sathish here wrote exactly what I mean, I fully subscribe to it :)
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      Nov 1 2011: Hi Sathish,
      I've been here and there but everyone who's ever been to India was fascinated by it so I really look forward to visiting that magical place one day. :) Thanks for your input.
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    Oct 29 2011: Traveling for me is leaving the existence behind & discovering new beauties of nature. I love to go to mount Everst just to feel how it feels when you are at the top of everyone but I know it is difficult for me to do.
  • Oct 29 2011: Traveling = Learning =)
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    Oct 28 2011: 1 - It's a way of connecting with what's beyond my everyday environment, for a whole host of reasons
    2 - Antarctica's Dry Valleys
    3 - Loads of places, usually wild and remote ones. And Copenhagen.
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      Oct 30 2011: Antarctica! That's some place to go, ain't it! :)
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    Oct 28 2011: 1) Learning & connecting.........
    2) Tahiti
    3) Habarana , Sri Lanka
  • Oct 28 2011: Traveling is (to me) not only a way of life & growth but also an escape. Seeing new sights, meeting new people & seeing animals that only seen on tv etc., experiencing new ideas, growing within my self & getting away from the area where I live.
    Tibet, South Pole, areas less traveled.
    I have seen many gorgeous places but they are hard to get to & that is why they most likely will remain gorgeous.
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    Nov 1 2011: Hi Silvia traveling is a way to feed my curiousities about people and cultures. The problem is that you usually get to see just very tiny part about a place and attribute too many things to cultural differences.
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      Nov 1 2011: So right you are Amily! I believe that if you don't stay longer in a place you can quite easily be misled and believe things which are actually not so true. Anyway, I do hope that Sofia is not the last place where I'll lay my footprint.
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        Nov 2 2011: You got a plenty of time!! I would love to have you here in China someday maybe...;D
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          Nov 4 2011: That would be a dream come true ... China fascinates me! It's a paradise lost in the vastness of Asia! :) Someday, definitely!
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        Nov 2 2011: Silvia - if you have the desire to travel, you'll find a way to do it. It took me 2 years to save for my trip to Alaska and it is taking me 4 to save for a trip to England I'm planning. Just decide where you want to go, and set a time limit to save for it - then go and enjoy.
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          Nov 4 2011: Ah, England is another dream destination as I grew up with English on my mind and it's much nearer to my homeland here! You are quite right I daresay and I hope to meet more determined people like you along the way to wherever.
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        Nov 2 2011: Now Silvia; you know that you have an open invitation to visit Boston and it will my pleasure to give you a wonderful presentation of my beloved home town. And.... we will go to see a magnificent waterfall that is next on my list. I hope to see your foot prints here soon.:-) lol.
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          Nov 4 2011: Thanks so much for the invite and I do hope that I'll be able to come back to the US soon ... Boston sounds sooo great that can't miss it for the world. :) I can only say that I wish you could come and visit me here in Sofia as well. :)
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    Oct 30 2011: Have been there but not to the Dry Valleys. Apart from the fact that it's a stunning natural phenomenon, I love the combination of contradictions when you think of dryness in the middle of the ice which makes up the world's biggest and driest desert.
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    Oct 29 2011: 1. cultural growth
    2. tokyo
    3. paris/chicago
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      Oct 30 2011: Hi Steven,
      Tokyo is a dream choice of mine as well. How nice!