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Traveling - what is that all about?

Life teaches us in the best possible way, doesn't it! In this respect, the most useful part of it has been traveling. Spinning round and round like a rolling stone or soaring like a kite if you prefer - wherever the wind takes you in a whisk or a blow ...

Seeing and experiencing new places has been the most genuine source of knowledge and growth in my life - not only do I learn about my closest friends who I travel with but I also get to know myself better by seeing the world through a different set of eyes every time.

So, my question (OK may be a few ?) to the TED community is:

1. What is traveling to you - a way of life, growth, escape or...?

2. Where would you most like to go?

3. Can you recommend a gorgeous place where you've been?

I'll tell you all my answers at the end of our discussion here 'cause you gotta earn them I guess. ;) Enjoy!


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Closing Statement from Silvia Marinova

Now to give you my closing statement:
Travelling for me is growth and escape because otherwise I feel trapped in one place really.
I'd most like to visit Japan and live there for some time I guess.
As for a gorgeous place I've been to I'd recommend a mountain in Bulgaria: Rila.
Thank you all for participating ... it's been a pleasure!

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  • Oct 29 2011: Traveling is learning for me. I love the part where you learn about other cultures, more than the history. I've been in many countries in the different continents. My favorite place is the country sides of Viet Nam, I love the way people live and care for others, they are mostly of low income (if any) but they are kind and loving, and they keep no resentment against those who have harm them (or their families), I am quiet impressed with the kindness of their hearts and how they are able to find happyness in their days, no matter how difficult they may be; so, said all these, traveling enables me to appreciate other people's qualities and learn from them. Just for the record, I do want to live in the outskirts of Italy, and I also love NY & Paris (no wonder I have one kid that wants to live in NYC and another in the mountains of VA)

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