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What is the nature of consciousness? Is consciousness merely a by-product of the physical brain?

Consciousness is perhaps the greatest mystery ever to be presented to mankind. My question is: What is the nature of consciousness? How can the materialistic world view of mankind explain the phenomenon of consciousness. By its nature, which is of a totally immaterial and invisible, with its inner activity of thinking, also a totally invisible activity, which the whole of the scientific world view rests upon..."Thinking". What is thinking if not a non-physical super-sensible invisible, immaterial reality. For the scientific world view to understand itself, it must examine the nature of thinking. And in doing so, the "religious" world view will be able to find something to hang onto.Science and religion can meet on this question. Because it is here where they both fall short. Science cannot explain consciousness out of the materialistic world view. Religion cannot explain evolutionary principles in nature without adapting the scientific world view. The two are locked in an unending battle. Can it be that thinking is,in fact, the "spiritual activity of man"


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    Mar 16 2011: Consciousness is the necessary interaction the brain must develop to resolve an issue. The more conscious one thinks is likely due to stress created in the area around. I currently reside in New Jersey, highly compacted high stressful. I just relocated back here from Denver from my understanding the amount of stress created by dense society and then the release of the stressful situation creates a further depiction through ease, much like out economic monetary policy. The reintroduction to this dense form of society allows for moderate, and currently severe pressure to be induce on a new circumstance of growth, thus allowing for continued growth of information based on the severity of the situation. It is quite interesting as blatant disregard for normal society in New Jersey is abundant and blatant at times.

    Therefore one can say conscious thinking for most intellectuals only become apparent due to stress. Though we do need the allowance of removal when overtly harsh pressure over power the necessary and reasonable balance of a situation.

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