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Can you project yourself onto the zero dimension?

For scientists everything is possible except the impossible. How can true = false? It’s impossible yet I can show it mathematically.

Consider projection - in linear algebra and functional analysis, a projection is a linear transformation P from a vector space to itself such that P^2 = P. It leaves its image unchanged. What this mean in layman's terms is that you can take things down in dimensions while keeping the essence of the object intact. You can use this same mathematical model on anything since everything in existence must adhere to this law. Does this including your own existence?

For example, if you consider your life as a series of events, from birth till death, each event is a step in time. Each of those steps is set in 3D while the series would be considered in the 4th dimension (time). Now, if you take a photo of any event in your life a 2D image is created of you. The math seems right. The image is now 2D but the essence is still true. Now even though this image is extracted from the 4D to the 2D you can still relate to that picture. You still know it is you in that image. The reason why you can do this is because of the Law of Projection, each dimension keeps the same concept only more abstracted but this does not stop there.

You can relate this image of you down to the 1 dimension. Here the image becomes just a line this is similar to your name. Even though you can’t see your face any more you can relate to the label of your name. It’s lost a lot of who you are but it still contains the essence that is you even though it’s just sounds or symbol. The really interesting thing is when you project your essence one more level to the 0 dimension. Now projection states that the essence of you must still be true. Unless the science and maths are not the same thing? Or maybe the impossible is true after all?

The crazy thing about the 0D is that infinity and 0 are the same thing! Is this the essence of everything?

  • Oct 28 2011: James !
    It blows the mind!!! I wish I understood everything you've written, but I don't :)
    But I had the same sensation of revelation when I found this/ I don't remember where/
    " The universe began as a thought that dreamed itself awake''

    Thank you for starting a great conversation, but why it closes in an hour ?!
    Fix it, please, I guess it was a mistake.
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      Oct 28 2011: This is fascinating! Thank you for the link.

      Ps. skip the math part. Just read the analogy. Basically I just want to say that I think the core of everything is a miracle. It's impossible yet there it is...
  • Oct 27 2011: Wow. I never thought of things like this. Quite beautiful and poetic. Thanks for sharing.

    I would also add:
    In the case of projection, you cannot go backwards. Although you can extract 2d from the 3d, you cannot extract 3d from the 2d one. Likewise many objects can have the same exact projection.
    This can translate into the real-life metaphor:
    Who you are as a person through time could be broken down and summarized, but the journey that you take could very different. I think it is that journey that brings dimension and meaning to everything we do.
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      Oct 28 2011: Yes, projection is one way but the laws of the lower dimensions must always still be true in the higher dimensions. For example in 2D you can go left, right and up, down. In 3D this law still exists but with an extra degree of freedom i.e. in, out. This leads to another startling revelation...

      In Zero Dimensions true = false. The impossible and the possible is the same thing. Does than mean that all the higher levels must adhere to this basic law too? Does that the essence of each and everyone of us is a miracle? Just like the universe.

      I use this theory to proof to myself that in essence we are all the same. We are all intrinsically connected. This is why your happiness is directly connected to the happiness of others and your environment. You are never separate from anything.
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    Oct 28 2011: Can you turn it around?
    Do I project the world from 0D?
    Does it reflect from the four dimensions of my screen?
    Filtering and modifying the data in the process through electromagnetic patterns that feedback.
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      Oct 28 2011: No, the projection is one way. As soon as you take a picture for example you will never get the depth back. That dimension had to be dropped or delete. Have you ever read the book by Edwin A. Abbott. called Flatland. It shows the theme quiet nicely. The lower dimension do however influence the higher ones. Rules that apply below must still apply above.

      You can extrapolate of course. Pick a value to fill the blanks. But to do that you would need prior data of the field you are working with. String theory is a good example. We think there are higher dimensions past the ones we can experience but we will never truly know what they are like. It'll have to be educated guesses.
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        Oct 28 2011: I know the story of flatland.
        If you inflate a point you have a sphere.
        2D is 3D where 1 dimension is subtracted or a slice within that sphere.
        The four dimensions make the space we can work and reason with but aren't the real thing.
        Space as time is virtual, data doesn't need space, energy the creating field.