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TCH capacity pool in GSM networks to eliminate BTS cabinets on sites

Traditionally, GSM networks have Base transceiver stations allover countries to boost signals. what happens is that the BTS is connected to an antenna using feeders and RF is radiated. BTSs have various TRX configurations like 4/4/4 etc. from practice it can be noticed that not all the time that all TCHs are used in a cell hence dedicating a cabinet or TRXs to a cell is so wasteful.
How about having regional TCH banks in specific regions such that all remote sites simply have Remote Radio Units mount on the antennas to push the RF and just some fibre cable to terminate to the microwave or TX equipment to backhaul to the TCH pool bank many miles away?
this way, if a person makes a call in a given cell, they are given exactly one TCH and the rest can be used by someone else in another cell else where. This will eliminate the use of costly BTSs and reduce on power consumption and points of failure alongside capacity efficiency since its centrally managed and shared.