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Is there a framework for forgiving yourself?

I have met many people lately that often find it impossible to forgive themselves (for situations big and small). I once thought this was easy for me. When I delved deeper, however, it became apparent that I have the same issue. Would love your thoughts on this topic.


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    Oct 31 2011: I think the first step is to understand that we are human. Mistakes are common and (for some of us) frequent. In forgiving ourselves we must find compassion for ourselves. We can't find forgiveness externally it is inside all of us, that's the most difficult quest of all. Delving deep into ourselves for forgiveness. I think a good start is simply saying to ourselves, "I forgive me". Then taking the time to understand what that means. Learning and practicing meditation is a great way to sort these things a out at your pace and under your own comfort level.
    There are many people who can teach you this skill, locally and nationally.

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