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Grow Black Elderberries to rid the world of colds and flu.

Something in the juice prevents viral infection of mucus membranes. Elderberries are used by Native American medicine people to "strengthen the inner warrior" Too much provokes allergies.
Protocol: Gargle with 1 cc/ml twice a day AND rinse the sinuses with a sterile saline to which 1 drop of juice has been added to 500 ml. This level of use will prevent infections without raising the immune system into reactive allergic levels. Thanks to the 150 volunteers of various immune levels who helped me reach this protocol and have kept me cold and flu free for six months despite my emphysema


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  • Oct 29 2011: Didn't bother to do that, just want to be as virus free as possible as quickly as possible. Elderberries grow to 30 feet in two years in the Bay Area, so new supplies are very quickly available. Extract of the juice costs about $25 for enough to keep a flight attendant or preschool teacher, etc... free of colds for a month. I have no stock in manufacturers like Gaia or Eclectic Collection [no alcohol], but used them in testing. It's worth it to me to be virus free. I am an emphysemic and cannot keep this a secret. I can't really monetize it. I can imagine quite a number of products using Sambuca, but don't have the capital to do that. I am working on autoimmune disease problems, having lost my mother to Scleroderma and friends to ALS, I am close to a number of people with a variety of autoimmune conditions. Besides, mosquitoes spread viruses by blood.

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