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All Jewish, Christian and Islamic people use the name HAJEAL when they refer to God for an experimental period of 366 days.

I believe that much of the animousity among the members of these religions is based merely in the different names they insist upon using when they make reference to the one God they claim to believe in. HAJEAL is a combination of HAshem, JEsus and ALlah. Seems worth a try. If Islamic, Christian and Jewish people used one name for their one God, they might be more inclined to see their similarities rather than focus on their differences.


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  • Nov 2 2011: Great! Why do you leave out other monotheists like Native Americans, Sikhs, etc... even Hindus and their offshoots are ultimately monotheistic in their creation concept. Having a universal name [why not Great Spirit?], though, is a wonderful idea, embraced by most people of faith along with the Golden Rule.
    • Nov 2 2011: Linus, I would like it to apply to all religions, but this is simply a proposed experiment. I thought it might accelerate the process to limit it to 3 religions for 366 days. I hope it works. WHEN it is successful, it will be expanded to include all other monotheistic religions using a different term that shows respect for all belief systems. The goal is respect, peace, love and healthy, happy long lives for all. (The ongoing hostilities rationalized by members of particular relgions hurt everyone, are redundant, trite and diminish all who participate in alleging that their religion is somehow more correct than other religions.) I just thought it would be more efficient to limit the experiment to 3 religions that include lots of human beings who share the human desires for good lives for themselves, their offspring and possibly for humanity. We'll see. I wonder how many people have begun using the term HAJEAL when they pray to or refer to the one God they claim they believe in. Power to the positive! May HAJEAL bless you and provide you with lots of serendipity.

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