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Who would you like to be inspired by @TEDxBristol ?

As we begin short-listing speakers for TEDxBristol. We'd like to know who from Bristol the South West or the UK has most inspired you, and why you think their ideas are worth spreading?

  • Mar 10 2011: I'd like to nominate the following [all mainly Bristol-based. Most I've worked with]

    Darius Pocha twitter@dariuspocha
    Darius to step up and talk about his scent sculpture research stuff. For more info on his research into this: http://www.mediasandbox.co.uk/author/darius-pocha/. And he presents v. well.

    Julian Guy twitter@julianguy
    If you could persuade Julian [http://www.julianguy.co.uk/] to step up and yack about frontend developing, he's worth his weight in gold - and Bristol-based - I'd love to hear what he's passionate about - build tho, not his music tastes :)

    Richard Arnott twitter@servicejunkie
    He cares soo much about design and innovation and with such passion. Very well read.

    Justin Staple twitter@bristolurbanart
    Justin runs a blog on Bristol street art/graffitti. I'd love to hear a presentation on it, all about where the scene is now in Bristol. And he can tell us all about the ideas of the artists.