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With recent worldwide monetary issues, would a society without money work?

Our current systems of monetary, social, ideological and border divisions are imaginary, and clearly not working for us on our planet.

Once we can get past our outdated methods of decision-making through speculation and diktat, and remove our imaginary barriers, we will find our only problems are technical ones. ie. How do we provide for everyone and use our planet in the optimum way? Only when we are free of our conflicting ideologies and methods, can we truly solve this problem.
Our technology is now at a level where we can comfortably provide for everyone without the need for hard labour. What we can automate, we will automate. We don't need money to build machines, we can just build them. Tasks that can't be automated can be rotated among a populace who would be more than happy to dedicate a small portion of their time to a community that sustains them.
Everything could be declared free to use, but within an understanding of natural and technical limits, and respect for the combined common good. These understandings are achieved initially through education, and ultimately through consensus.
Once people realise that a money-free society works, we will naturally become more positive in our actions, more cooperative, compassionate and productive.

Please watch the video at www.freeworldcharter.org and let me know what you think.


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    Nov 5 2011: My view is that money is a means of universal transaction... everyone needs to get food, pay bills and so on and so forth and having a trade-able that is universal is helpful and makes life much more easy. what if you have to pay your gas bill in carrots, but your a plumber? would we not just trade in precious metals and how do we know that they are valid unless we are educated for such things?

    We need to stop blaming bits of paper for why we are uncooperative and grow the hell up in terms of sticking to deals, being honest and being good people. We need to stop endless consumption and change it to meaningful aspiration... get people thinking about why they are doing it rather than the end result.
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      Nov 5 2011: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over believing there will be a deferent outcome. Humanity has been doing the same thing over and over and yes expecting a different outcome. Humanity is not growing, we are just stagnate waiting for a new way of thinking. Money is nothing but piece of paper, it only breeds inequality and greed, which are two negative emotions. I guess I am trying to look at this question on a positive perspective.
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        Nov 5 2011: I don't think its insanity, its trauma...

        I think its a case of how you personally look at things... no one is going to alter the nature of the game to make people get along because that is not valued by society.

        simply decide what you need and proceed accordingly... money is a very quick way to get there.

        If you decide you are a temporarily embarrassed millionaire then its going to make you greedy and if you value someone by how much they have in liquid assets then you will consider yourself to be worse or better than other people creating inequality.

        The fact is that it is only perception. the inequality and greed exists in the minds of the sick, their perception only affects you as much as you want it to. just simply do not accommodate these people in your life, make sure that you have what you need and you will get on fine. Less TV, expand your mind, perpetually educate and debate, eat your greens and avoid tossers.

        In sort, money is not the thing screwing up peoples lives, its people screwing up peoples lives... just don't be on the sinking ship and be kind to those who are unhappy... they just want to feel important.

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