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What is being done to provide addicts with "something healthier" to replace their addictions with? Are we paying close enough attention?

It has been said that the cure for an addiction is to replace one with another, more positive, life affirming addiction. I am proposing that we need to look much closer at addictions, and their causes, and most importantly, alternatives.
I want to know how YOU have overcome an addiction, and maybe how you have helped someone else in their quest to overcome theirs.

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    Oct 28 2011: One of the problems is we need two distinct words for addiction. One implying physical addiction, while the other one is psychological. Although they often over lap they do not have to. If someone has a psychological addiction they will often find some other vice, or virtue to become consumed with. I may be a bit bias as I that level of devotion to anything unhealthy, but yes it would be better to replace a destructive obsession with a beneficial one.
    • Oct 28 2011: Thank you for your reply Anthony. I am just trying to find pathways for that growing segment of our world who are imprisoned by addictions of all kinds, and I want to create roadmaps that REALLY work. I know a few extremely effective people who have overcome addictions, and I believe that when they ask for the key, it is available.
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        Oct 28 2011: Well I wish you luck in that to many of our methods to combat addiction are overly dogmatic and seem there only to manage not cure people. Helping people live healthier live in general is a great way to deal with the causes of addiction.