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What can you share with the world?

TEDxYouthDay is a series of TEDx events happening all around the world coinciding with Universal Children’s Day, from November 19th – 21st, 2011. These events are designed to empower and inspire young people.

These events will vary widely in size, format and theme, but they will share a common vision: inspiring curiosity, igniting new ideas and empowering young leaders.

There are over 100 TEDxYouthDay events in nearly 50 countries happening this year. Individual events will feature their own unique themes, and the overarching theme for TEDxYouthDay 2011 is Play, Learn, Build & Share, chosen by the TEDx community.

In preparation for these amazing, global events, we are collecting answers to the question:
What can you share with the world?


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  • Nov 15 2011: I would like to share with the world that you are not alone. If nothing else, you always have yourself, no matter what.

    I heard a poem the other day: One Art by Elizabeth Bishop. If you're feeling lonely or you've lost someone or something important recently, I recommend reading this poem. Bishop is writing about how "the art of losing isn't hard to master" and how losing things, places, and people "isn't a disaster". So many times I have caught myself focusing on how alone I feel because of what I've lost, whom I've lost, and/or how I've lost them. We lose things everyday, whether it's something minutely important or someone we love. It's inevitable. Hearing this poem helped me realize that it's important to accept loss as it comes, but, even more than that, to recognize that I am still here. I still have a life to live. I still have goals, dreams, and a passion to share what I've experienced with others. Losing someone or something isn't the end of the world, although sometimes it may feel like a disaster. You will always have yourself, and you are growing everyday. You are unique. You have talents. You have positive attributes. Build upon these things.
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      Nov 15 2011: Hi Cooper, thank you so much for sharing this! It is really true that we should always feel grateful for what we have. :)
    • Nov 25 2011: Love the ideas that you shared. Yes, it is easy to get stuck and focus on what you lost: Youth, loved one, etc, but we have been given life to recognize and mourn these losses and still be inspired to go on with the present life that we have.

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