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What can you share with the world?

TEDxYouthDay is a series of TEDx events happening all around the world coinciding with Universal Children’s Day, from November 19th – 21st, 2011. These events are designed to empower and inspire young people.

These events will vary widely in size, format and theme, but they will share a common vision: inspiring curiosity, igniting new ideas and empowering young leaders.

There are over 100 TEDxYouthDay events in nearly 50 countries happening this year. Individual events will feature their own unique themes, and the overarching theme for TEDxYouthDay 2011 is Play, Learn, Build & Share, chosen by the TEDx community.

In preparation for these amazing, global events, we are collecting answers to the question:
What can you share with the world?

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    Nov 25 2011: The knowledge that I would like to share with the world would be a pearl of ancient Indian wisdom that says: "keep clean the house of your thoughts", because it is your thoughts that create reality.
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    Nov 21 2011: Sing a little, dance a little, laugh a little, cry a little, give a little, take a little, dream a little, enjoy a little, and LIVE A LOT :)
  • Nov 15 2011: I would like to share with the world that you are not alone. If nothing else, you always have yourself, no matter what.

    I heard a poem the other day: One Art by Elizabeth Bishop. If you're feeling lonely or you've lost someone or something important recently, I recommend reading this poem. Bishop is writing about how "the art of losing isn't hard to master" and how losing things, places, and people "isn't a disaster". So many times I have caught myself focusing on how alone I feel because of what I've lost, whom I've lost, and/or how I've lost them. We lose things everyday, whether it's something minutely important or someone we love. It's inevitable. Hearing this poem helped me realize that it's important to accept loss as it comes, but, even more than that, to recognize that I am still here. I still have a life to live. I still have goals, dreams, and a passion to share what I've experienced with others. Losing someone or something isn't the end of the world, although sometimes it may feel like a disaster. You will always have yourself, and you are growing everyday. You are unique. You have talents. You have positive attributes. Build upon these things.
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      Nov 15 2011: Hi Cooper, thank you so much for sharing this! It is really true that we should always feel grateful for what we have. :)
    • Nov 25 2011: Love the ideas that you shared. Yes, it is easy to get stuck and focus on what you lost: Youth, loved one, etc, but we have been given life to recognize and mourn these losses and still be inspired to go on with the present life that we have.
  • Nov 7 2011: I can help others change the world with my passion. Passion is contagious and if I go at everything at life with passion others will follow. Leading by example is without a doubt the best way to lead.
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    Nov 24 2011: I believe that the number one thing that I share with the world is my passion for looking at things from different perspectives. None of us thinks exactly alike, so why do we look at the world in terms of black or white or Democrat or Republican, etc.? I challenge all around me to think about things differently. To question. To strive to find the best solutions, not just the pleasing answers or the popular ones.

    In my own life, this has helped me with my "Can do" spirit. If I believe I can do something, I'll do it. There have been many times in my life when people looked at me with only one perspective and told me things like "You can't do that." I have proven them wrong over and over again by the belief that we shape ourselves and one of the ways we accomplish this is by not being afraid to pick an alternate path, or only assuming that there can only be one right answer.
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      Nov 24 2011: Precious....insightful.....introspective....true:>)
  • Nov 23 2011: I can share my passion for the study of Neuroscience, and working with people who have disabilities. Along with these passions, I can share my positive energy and determination to create change.
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    Nov 19 2011: I can share this thought. I am the President of a university and to me PLAY is what learning is about. And, in the digital world we are learning to play together on a massive scale and consequently finding many more ways of interacting with each other. This naturally leads to team work and collaboration, two other characteristics of play that we need to incorporate into our schools everywhere.
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    Nov 13 2011: All I can share is the perspective from my place in the universe and some love and encouragement.

    Addition: Oh yes, and my kids!
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    Nov 7 2011: I do not have a lot of things to share, beside my smile that comes right from the heart. Can you imagine, what if people start doing that? Aren't we going to change the world with our smile? Big things always come from simple things. Start your day with a smile and see how that's going to change your day.
    And yes I can also share my time, to listen people's hardships. Don't have to know them and give them opinion. Just listen, and yes they admit they feel better :)
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    Nov 3 2011: How teens can put on their own TEDxYouth events.

    Failing up, making more mistakes, laughing beyond belief, taking more risks.

    What teens in Homer, Alaska have taught me.
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    Oct 27 2011: Unconditional love:>)
  • Oct 27 2011: Cloe
    I can share two things
    My compassion for putting things to right in a broken world
    My photography; Beauty is everywhere
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      Oct 28 2011: You are correct, MIchale M, beauty is everywhere. Awful things, however, happen in a beautiful world. One must come to terms with that.
      • Oct 31 2011: Lynn
        You are correct. Awful things do happen. I see your pic through the camera lens. I love photography. Sometimes even capturing that awfulness, brings to the forefront of time and space not the lack of beauty, but the need for it in a sometimes awful world.
  • Nov 27 2011: The things I can share are my experiences and knowledge, which range from living and studying in the UK to volunteering in an International School in India and few things in between like being a lawyer. Living, studying and working in different countries gives a person different perspectives. These perspectives will not be agreed by everyone, but it gives a new opinion and dimension. I firmly believe in collaboration and working together. Someone from any corner of the world could learn something from this and indeed I will learn something from somebody's experiences and knowledge.

    And Cloe thanks for posting the question.
  • Nov 25 2011: well ,i think the thing i would to share is that"whatever happens never think that it's too early or too late to chase your dreams"
    most of poeple think they're so young to change the world ,to speak up their own opinion ,others think they are old to act and to pursue their goals so both they just give or wait for a miracle so "don't ask for a miracle just be it" is other idea i wanna share
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    Nov 24 2011: The power of looking at things in a different perspective and never judging anyone by the
    look or sound of them.

    The power of being and thinking different- I think this is the most important thing to begin some kind of change.

    Dennis. :)
  • Nov 24 2011: Understanding
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    Nov 22 2011: The power of music to move and inspire people.
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    Nov 22 2011: I thought I would unload some of my SUPER optimistic crazy on you. Understand there's more than meets the eye. An example would be the Second Life thing, that is meant to help spread economy. There's as much social science, as physical science. If you really look you will see this is holistic.
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      Nov 25 2011: Let me see if I get it right: ''The idea is to write a book that inspires people to do what the book says"."Think of the book as a screenplay or business plan for the world". "The idea is to write a book that inspires people to do what the book says". "Think of the book as a screenplay or business plan for the world". "The plan is to use the book to tell people about ideas, people can then buy (...) and on a daily basis feel they are doing something big". "Reality starts to mirror the book and the ball is rolling". "My idea is simply to get as many people that can agree, to agree". "People are asked to do something they were going to do anyway". "Make it as easy as possible for people to do what you want them to do". "Make it so everyone can see everyone who is participating, and who is not". "The idea is to write a book that inspires people to do what the book says". "The book should be as accurate as possible as to be the manual". "Showing people what to do and what will happen when they do". "The plan uses these ideas to create momentum". "The name of the book "Urania, Starry Messenger, Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile".

      For God's sake, Faja, the idea looks to me very scary, as the history of the world is red with the blood caused by too many such books that wanted to inoculate people with their ideas and make them follow smart people's agendas - the difference, yours is "selling" them the ideas - a "sweeter" coercion. No matter what your intention behind, beware not to make again "Earth cry". As good God gave brains to everyone, let's allow people think their own ideas, without us making them any "fishing poles" to lure them into our own ideas. The more so as these ideas are seemingly aiming at building a consented "Urania" type discipline and hierarchy, where, as you say, "The way I see it, H2OPE and The A.R.C. help in both directions the have-rs, and the have nots". Please let go of it.
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    Nov 22 2011: The plan is complicated to explain, so please bear with me. I have a few ideas that seem like one thing, but turns out they are many things. The plan uses these ideas to create momentum. The ideas are in the attachments, they each say a lot without me (what do they say to you). I've used everything from names, to the only art I've ever produced to express the plan. So needless to say the plan is in a very raw state and requires someone to decipher what I'm trying to say. I'm a person who does everything in my mind. And I find it difficult to put this into words. The plan requires the ideas to have merit, which I believe they do. The last and biggest idea is beyond me, but it feels right. One person with influence to be influenced. And the ball is rolling. I understand how ambitious this is, but I believe it all to be possible.

    My idea is simply to get as many people that can agree, to agree, and for each part of the plan to do as much as possible. The first part is to get the people who influence us to agree. First leading scientist, then they influence the celebrities who have money to donate, and huge access to help spread ideas (Ashton Kutcher has 4 million twitter followers). The unifier is H2O. People are asked to do something they were going to do anyway. Make it as easy as possible for people to do what you want them to do. Make it so everyone can see everyone who is participating, and who is not. The whole thing is to be as open as can possibly be. Everyone is aware of the plan and has positive feelings about what is happening. If you give someone a fish, you'll have to give them another fish, but if you give them a fishing pole... The way I see it, we have the ability to ease the burden on so many things if we just did a few things. If people have the ability to sustain themselves (EASILY), they are less likely to burden.
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    Nov 22 2011: Please keep an open mind. The idea is to write a book that inspires people to do what the book says. The book is the fictional story of The Second Foundation bringing these ideas (H2OPE, The A.R.C., and S.O.R.O.S.) to reality. Think of the book as a screenplay or business plan for the world. It would use computer modeling to get as close as possible to what could happen. It would sprinkle planned events through the book, that will happen after the book is out. For example, in chapter 2, there could be this charity ball where Oprah buys a bottle of H2OPE for a million dollars, this would then take place in real life (right on cue). This kind of thing, would be spread all through the book. The roll of a lifetime, an appearance in the book that aims to change the world. The book should be as accurate as possible as to be the manual. Showing people what to do and what will happen when they do. The book will show that by purchasing the H2OPE all that will happen. H2OPE (message in a bottle) is the unifier. It has many attributes, it can be quantified, by being distinctive it allows people to see others following the plan, this is a critical component for generating faith. It is easy to market; 1) buy one and someone in the world gets one for free; 2) start a collection (messages are infinite) your collection shows your contribution and can be used during an emergency; 3) use to teach another language, show duck in multiple languages; 4) use code or rfid to link to web sites generating traffic i.e. get Linden Dollars in Second Life; many marketing strategies are available. The idea is to release H2OPE at the same time as the book. Reality starts to mirror the book and the ball is rolling. This is by no means the whole plan.
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    Nov 22 2011: Everything has a density. The A.R.C. is a self assembling, rigid domicile that comes in a barrel with all the bells and whistles needed to create a harmonious circle with the Earth (Including access to www and Your Baby Can Read, imagine a literate world). This would be that fishing pole. I can point to so many ways this would help. The idea is not to get the whole world living in one of these, only the people who want to. Obviously there are third world people dying for a home. But, imagine the amount of disposable income a fast food worker would have if he had no rent, no energy bill, and could produce some healthy food. This world can't sustain us all having what we have now, this gives something in someways better and surely with a super small carbon footprint. All the while, expanding and pushing the cost of important technologies down. I can point to all needed technology. Priced for people who have nothing (micro financed), and priced for people who have something, who want to prepare for emergency; possibly sold with electric vehicles. The S.O.R.O.S.. is complicated, I'll let you use your imagination, but I will say I see it as a tool for wealth redistribution. ALL of this will be controlled by the Second Foundation who will be responsible for more than just humanity. I have tons of little ideas that nest in there that help. The plan is to use the book to tell people about ideas, people can then buy H2OPE and on a daily basis feel they are doing something big. Each idea is meant to help create the next. I hope to have the opportunity to explain this in better detail. I dream too big sometimes. What if 10 million people a day bought H2OPE ($1), and 10% was for the next idea. The name of the book "Urania, Starry Messenger, Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile". Please muse these ideas there's much to see. The way I see it, H2OPE and The A.R.C. help in both directions the have-rs, and the have nots.
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    Nov 22 2011: That's a secret...:-)
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    Nov 21 2011: I love connecting with people on twitter ( ) where I can put ideas, thoughts, words of wisdom, jokes, quotes, and just about anything that comes to mind that I feel I should share with others. I also share my ideas through my youtube channel ( ) where I like to put all sorts of videos from how to win an election, to raps, to monologues, to getting over break ups, and other random funny stuff. One of the greatest contributions we can make in society is sharing our ideas and thoughts, because there's no point in coming up with brilliant ideas if your not going to spread them with others. Keep playing, keep building, keep learning, and remember to keep sharing!
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    Nov 20 2011: i'd like to share my enthusiasm with network analysis methods and NYSE stocks trading; at least that's what i imagine myself doing 50 years from now. and of course, sharing my knowledge to my future patients when i finally become a physician!

    to all the youth and the young-at-heart like me, long live and prosper!
  • Nov 20 2011: This is what we are doing in Denver CO check out the ability center
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    Nov 20 2011: Major sharing going on today at TEDxYouth events globally.

    Way to collaborate everyone! Thank you for sharing so generously.
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    Nov 19 2011: I would like to share with the world that we can create world peace and sustainability on Earth and we must for the sake of all life on Earth. Enclosed is a blog of my blogs with each representing an idea that I have to try to help create Peace on Earth. Please click on it and see how you can contribute to the idea of creating world peace and sustainability!

    Congratulations To TED YOUTHDay and TEDxYouth Day participants all around the world. I have been watching all day and they are all great. I can't wait till the next one! This was a great success.

    Together We can change the world.

    To all of the world leaders and followers, let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with you and me!
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    Nov 19 2011: I can share the thought that we should be our unique selves and never be afraid to speak out our minds.We need to appreciate individuality :)
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    Nov 19 2011: All I can share is the knowledge i posses and a smile :)
  • Nov 19 2011: The very success of this world is directly linked to raising up a generation of young people, that know their purpose in life and have the support to help them get there. Thank you
  • Nov 17 2011: What can I do to share the world?
    Well, I will go around singing happy, fun songs to the sick children of kids' hospitals. I would sing songs that could cheer up the saddest kids, kids with cancer, kids with diabetes, kids that even just have a common cold. I would make them happy. Everyone deserves a smile and a laugh. :)
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    Nov 16 2011: What we have to offer the world is the incredible joy and passion that we have in our hearts, the strong spirit to tackle the problems that come every day, the ingenuity to solve these problems, imagination and positivity to always see the bright side of all, the love we have for our society and community and the desire to succeed no matter the circumstances are.
  • Nov 14 2011: I've started sharing my experience as a graduate with current school students in Jordan through Ta7weeleh Initiative. The 'sharing' here is that of knowledge and experience from those who were once students and have graduated and grown up to find their passion. They are introducing the school students to their journey and their passions in an attempt at helping them find theirs.
  • Nov 13 2011: We need to learn from the schools that go to the limits, that are attempts at the full implementation on the rights of the child, sadly state schools can have so many limitations of imposed values of exams, assessments, national curriculums... that we can not find them there. One example is A.S.Neill's Summerhill School, for 90 years 'surpassing expectations' for its implementation on the rights of the child (secretary of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child 2000). It has just recieved a good to outstanding Ofsetd inspection - outstanding for citizenship and community and justice. In 1949 the inspectors said, all educationalist should visit it to see this exciting experiment. Now people like Sir Ken Robinson say, let it be moved from the fringe to the manistream. I can offer talks, workshops and resources to get children thinking about what is possible in schools and children's communities - using staff and children from the school. Let's create debate, let's stimulate ideas, let's get the children to create change, in partnership with the adults.
  • Nov 9 2011: Knowledge is the only thing I can share with the world at this stage of my life as I'm still a student.
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    Nov 6 2011: I taught myself many things (Computers, animation, filming and more) because
    adults and schools told me I was too young;
    or they were really expensive.
    I want to use my talents
    to motivate others,
    make people laugh,
    Make them think;
    spread awareness.
    Show the world; other people have talents.
    You can see some of my work on youtube
    or on Facebook:
  • Oct 29 2011: I can only share what I have, myself...
  • Oct 29 2011: Smile with love :D
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    Oct 27 2011: Thank you for this!
  • Oct 27 2011: A smile.
    A song.
    A meal.
    A cure.
    A game of chess.
    A magic trick.
    A good deed.
    A helping hand.