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IntelligentDemocracy: The right to vote based on intelligence, not age!

We all understand why societies need some form of discrimination to function. (meaning [Recognition and understanding of the difference between one person and another] not its other definition [The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, esp. on the grounds of race, age, or sex.])

I'm going to talk about discrimination in voting systems.
Most people agree (sadly not all people) that allowing the right to vote based on Race, Religion, Culture, and similar things is simply unethical and morally wrong. But what about discrimination by age?

What does 'too young' actually mean? We wouldn't discriminate against race if someone was too black or too white. Why do we discriminate against age if people are too young! I suppose there are physical differences with age but they are not the same for everyone and what if somebody was to not grow physically but still had the brain capacities of an average person, would they be denied the right to vote? Of course not!

There is the difference of knowledge. If I would suggest that ten year olds should be able to vote an obvious response would be 'ten year olds aren't smart enough to vote." So, it's intellect, not age!

When we set arbitrary age barriers for voting we are actually saying 'by X years old you should be knowledgeable enough to vote' so why do we discriminate by age as a way of discriminating by intelligence? It's more morally decent to say if you are not smart enough to vote you cannot vote. why not have a test in all schools (testing political knowledge) after which you gain the ability to vote? And you can take the test whenever you want to. No age boundaries.

This is just an idea (I don't know if it already exists) Im calling it IntelligentDemocracy


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    Oct 28 2011: Are we talking people with real mental disabilities or people who are just mentally unable to make rational decisions (we all know people like this).

    Because if the latter, then who is making that judgement?
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      Oct 28 2011: mentally unable to make rational decisions; that would be determined through a doctors and psychiatrist analysis.

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