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How much longer will our world be sustainable? What can we do to ensure our own survival?

With population growth, and many countries across the globe accumulating garbage, how much longer can this go on? CO2 emissions aren't helping. What can we do to staunch the damage done to our environment? Is it too late?

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    Oct 27 2011: We will survive as long as we fight for it. But you have to decide to fight for survival. Just hoping someone else will solve the problem isn't good enough. If you decide to live you much do it with all your heart. Fine a cause that you think will work and support it. Or better yet. Find your own answer.
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    Oct 27 2011: 40 years ago, there was countless litterature about how we had reached the limit of our planet's sustainability. The population was less than half of what it is now.
    So don't worry. There is no limit whatsoever. There's enough solar power or near-infiinite sources of clean energy yet to harness. The ony thing we need is more scientific knowledge.
    As long as we keep creativity flowing, we'll be alright.