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What is the goal of education?

I am currently a high school student facing a problem and a question has occurred to me as a result. Having always been in advanced math classes, this year is unique in that I have had to drop from the honors level course to the normal level course in order to preserve my grade so I can get into college later. Before bending my pride enough to follow through on this decision, a question popped into my head:

Why do I need to lower the level of my education and reduce my experience in a subject to be more appealing to higher level educational facilities?

I personally feel that the goal of education is just that: education. Grades should just be a stick to measure where more work needs to be done, not where final judgement should be placed. Students like myself should be encouraged to challenge themselves so that they aren't getting everything right, not drop to a level where they can always get the best grade.

Those are my thoughts, anyway. What do you think the goal of education should be and of it's current state in America?


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  • Oct 27 2011: Education should help you see things from different points of view, identifiy options and find solutions and have the ability to predict outcomes. Education should help you adapt to new dchanging situations and keep you focused on the bumpy road of life. Education doesnt have the solutions, it is your tool kit. Whether it is scientific, literary or religious education, the final answer lies within your heart. Downgrading your math level to keep in the game is very ironic, there should be a mechanism that maintains your upward motion.Good luck

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