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How can emotions cause tears?

In connection with my studies, I'm currently working on the following issue: how emotions cause the tears ?

How the brain perceives emotion ?
How the brain receives this emotion ?
Which brain areas are activated ?
What are the different signals from the brain to the lacrimal system and how it works ?

What is your opinion on this matter ? Can you share your knowledge?

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    Oct 27 2011: I have just started my research. And I learned something very interesting :
    Our body reacts to the perception of an external phenomenon (stimulus)
    Then the neurons get involved and transmit nerve messages. Then they transform electrochemical signals received in messages destined to many receivers in the body. the receiver receives the message and responds by releasing the tears.
    For instance, sadness is due to a lack of enkephalins in the brain (enkephalins are painkillers) The tears are an expression of sadness.

    You're right Ed Schulte, tears due to the Joy have a different chemical composition then do tears due to pain. And emotional tears have a different chemical composition from the reflex tears (onion) !!

    Did you know that crying relieves because it helps to remove the molecules responsible for the stress ?

    What is your opinion? Do you have other interesting information?
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    Oct 27 2011: Fact or myth?
    I remember reading something about tears. Tears are a way of getting rid of a surplus of hormones. When you're too happy or too sad, some hormones stream out of your eyes and your mood settles. Apparently, you can mesure levels of hormones in tears...
    This is BS for all I know. Or maybe is it a valid understanding of it...
    What do you think, Anna?