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Is the superior Northern European social model applicable to all societies?

It is well known that the Northern European way of organising a society leads to the highest levels of wealth, health, happiness, and even biological strength ever achieved in mankind.

Hundreds of social, economic, medical, and biological parameters point that way.

Typical for the Northern European model is: free world-class health care (socialised medicine), free world-leading education, a very generous social security net, very low inequality (egalitarianism), high taxes - to name but a few of the dominant traits.

Now there's a debate about whether this model can be applied to different cultures. The question is important, because it may inform choices to be made by leaders in developing countries - who now have the choice between the Anglosaxon model of development (which leads to misery), or the Northern European model (which leads to prosperity).

Is the miracle model applicable to other cultures? Or does culture impose strong barriers to its adoption?


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  • Oct 27 2011: in reply to pat gilbert:

    It's a very small society where everyone, but mostly the media has the power total a scam.
    Also a very strong Government Accounting Authority and being small it has the ability to FOCUS
    on one scandal at a time, and get it fixed. But of course there are always problems and they surface
    everyday. Lots of whistle blowers but mostly a very strong and free press.

    BTW the next TED Talk *Open source cancer research* is a great example of how to end run the greed in the US health care field.
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      Oct 28 2011: Joseph

      In the U.S. the media is really a propaganda machine which is very selective of what they report on.

      I watched the open source video. It is an interesting idea and the fellow giving the talk is very laudable. Unfortunately this country is in short supply of such angels. I doubt his idea has legs. (will last)

      Linux is another example of open source, it is an operating system, but has a very small share of the market despite the fact that it is free.

      The cause of the healthcare problems are created by government and would be cured by getting them out of the healthcare business. Like it or not natural law fixes most things.
      • Oct 29 2011: "The cause of the healthcare problems are created by government "

        Oh boy I'm done.
        Better get rich cus you'll need it to pay the insurance and big pharma, they love folks that buy into the free market hoax. Lord help you if you ever get a major illness, They will take everything you and your family has worked for all your life. And point out to you, it's a natural law, they own the cure and you pay or suffer.

        "Like it or not natural law fixes most things"

        Mao is laughing in heaven. History is certainly not on your side pat.
        Natural Law missed these:
        Berni Madoff
        Sub prim loans
        Concentration camps
        The rise of the rich and the end of the US Middle class
        Corporate takeover of the US political system.
        Media as a propaganda machine

        Ah well nature can't be everywhere.
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          Oct 29 2011: Come on Joseph you are a reasonable person hear me out.

          Health care is really just another form of crony capitalism.

          Their is no interstate competition allowed because of state mandates.

          They have set it up so that the patient doesn't know what the costs are even if he wanted to.

          The government picks up the tab for the majority of senior healthcare i.e. medicare, since more money is made available through government the costs go much higher as with what happened with the housing bubble.

          The U.S. has the most advanced health care technology in the world. What happens in your Denmark if the authorities decide something is not an official sanctioned procedure?

          Since government picks up the tab on the indigent even the illegal immigrants get healthcare through the emergency room.

          Natural Law does work,

          Mao did not practice natural law he practiced or really psychosis

          Bernie shit happens but the SEC agents(as with most government employees) did not do their job. But some how they have time to prosecute Martha Stewart as she is truly heinous

          Sub prime loans were a product of socialistic policies started by Carter, Clinton, Franks, Dodds, the Federal Reserve under Greenspan

          Greed are you saying that you don't have any greed come on we all take of ourselves first, the only real way to keep this check is the individual has to answer to the market place.

          Concentration camps were a product of Fascism (a form of communism) not natural law

          Starvation the free market feeds more people and helps prevent starvation. Farmers are more productive today than ever before. Look at the nutrition is N Korea compared to S Korea.

          The Middle class income has gone up by 50% over the last 30 years in the U.S. this is by statistic the data is in this report from the treasury department:


          Corporate take over of the political system I AGREE, Americans are quite ignorant about this

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