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What are the top 10 technological inventions that defined the last 100 years?

During the last 100 years, major inventions were set as milestones defining a decade after another, inspiring the world & leading to the massive technological jump & boosting the technological evolution velocity.

I believe defining these milestones, short list it, put it in the right order & form. would lead us to understand the evolution trends & predict what's next...

What are the top10 technological inventions?


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  • Oct 28 2011: Not in any order:
    1 freezers ( food storage capacities have changed the role of women)
    2 computers and all related offshoots...tabs, touch screens, memory sticks etc..
    3 insulin
    4 mamography
    5 nanotechnology
    6 genetic engineering
    7genome project
    8 credit cards
    9 lasers
    10 deodrants

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