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How do you feel about the responsibility of the government towards the young people (18-25) regarding the economic and financial crisis?

Who is going to pay the longterm debts of the crisis? I strongly believe that many young people are/will be fed up with paying the price in the end. We are fed up with being called the 'lost generation'. If we are lost, why don't you save us?


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  • Nov 8 2011: Is this tpic imtemded to imply the right, birthright of happiness? Or is it a discussion about the elements of Education? Some here must misunderstand the question, he parphrases the " constitutional quoted right for the pursuit of happyness"! The american constitution grrants you the right of pursuit...it does not demand Government has to give it to you without paying for it. Does it also apply to the committment of crimes because the gains make you happy? We put a large burden on goverments, items that are way out of norm, individual interest groups get attention by becomming the squeaky wheek. Does God, Allah, Jehova or Ulah Khane, any god you will quote stand in the way of your pursuit? Education is a marketable item, we can aquire it and reap benefits for the rest of our lives. The government therefore has to make it available, the same way as a drivers licence or a passport. WE trade taxes for wisdom, but reading many of these comments I can see the ineqities of education. Where all of us have a god or something to believe in, we cannot go to the village priest and demand he make us smarter than we are, or can we? A god given right, a nice phrase for the demanding crowd, but even rights have to be earned by the ones in need. Many of us are happy working the fields, many are happy with just one good meal a day, ask the children in the jungles of the Congo. Here we are discussing education, not the merit of the constitution and all its amendments. Yes you have the right to pursue happiness, on one condition, do not interfere with mine or anyone elses rights. We give free education at a huge expense to the early grades to highschools levels, and still twenty percent drop out, money is more important to a young person so he quits and now he protests because things are broken. Education is the first step to earning a decent living, still we cannot take too much from the ones that retired or the ones that are not borne yet. It is all our spending that caused it.

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