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How do you feel about the responsibility of the government towards the young people (18-25) regarding the economic and financial crisis?

Who is going to pay the longterm debts of the crisis? I strongly believe that many young people are/will be fed up with paying the price in the end. We are fed up with being called the 'lost generation'. If we are lost, why don't you save us?


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    Oct 26 2011: The United States government has saddled its youth with odious debt. Whether you agree that George Bush was acting on a legitimate authority when he approved the first TARP transfer to the banks, I feel, depends on whether you believe we can recapture those profits.

    In our modern world of unfettered capital, I have serious reservations that we can get it back.

    I personally don't feel a responsibility or stake in my government. I believe I have a natural human right to education, and I believe I have a right to a living wage. We still haven't paid off the military expenses of the Reagan era, and now we're expected to pay the banks for the next hundred years?

    I believe this debt to be odious. I don't believe we have a responsibility to pay it. I believe that the bankers should be responsible for the treasury bonds, and if China wants to declare economic warfare over it, I believe the bankers should pay the price.

    I have no stake in this ship. Let it sink, and let the bastards at the helm drown like the rest of us.

    --One member of the lost generation
    • Nov 8 2011: Well said, You just quoted Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Let me ask you this, do you feel that the debt is so large, by the way our debt is actually ?? 75 trillion ? all of the outstanding currency in other countries, (Our Gov never mentions this amount tho)
      so large that it cannot and NEVER will be paid ? I feel ONLY WAR can and WILL resolve it ?, I really feel this way
    • Nov 8 2011: I agree, did you hear that China has sold off our debt ?, and have announced that they are broke?, Scary !

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