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How do you feel about the responsibility of the government towards the young people (18-25) regarding the economic and financial crisis?

Who is going to pay the longterm debts of the crisis? I strongly believe that many young people are/will be fed up with paying the price in the end. We are fed up with being called the 'lost generation'. If we are lost, why don't you save us?


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  • Oct 26 2011: "If we are lost why don't you save us", sure this looks like a strong phrase. But i believe it is not just an economic crisis we have. It is also cultural crisis too. Not only youth of the world lost. Also children and adults have lost too. Peoples changed their priorites from ideals to money. Problem is simply that. We have forgetten that we created this system. And as we created we can change it too. This is economic crisis is showing us to this economic system is not a sustainable one. While i'm saying that i'm also saying communist economic model is not sustainable too. Because they both based on consumer society. Naturely economic crisis is unevidable for these models. At every economic crisis based on current economic dynamics some classes pay debts of others.
    So if we don't want to become lost generation we need to create a new system. We need to change our priorities. If we want to do that we need to be orginased and we need to act quickly. We created this and we can change it too.

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