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How do you feel about the responsibility of the government towards the young people (18-25) regarding the economic and financial crisis?

Who is going to pay the longterm debts of the crisis? I strongly believe that many young people are/will be fed up with paying the price in the end. We are fed up with being called the 'lost generation'. If we are lost, why don't you save us?


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    Oct 26 2011: Well I dont think that we need saving. most of us live in countries with stable economy. yes there is a crisis, but there is no war, revolution or any other incident that would totally change the political or economical environment. you just have to take the crisis into account when planning your future. we have access to education and information. access to cash is harder then it used to be but that way less risky investments are being made. I dont want the government to think to much how to help me. I just want it not to get in my way. And the most of all I dont want the government to spend any money on me, because that means sooner or later I will have to repay it in form of many different taxes.

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