Anna Tauras

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Is anyone familiar with text-based roleplay games using MUF language, typically played through a telnet command terminal? MU* Games..?

I grew up without television or video-games. Instead, at nine years old, I found a text-based roleplay game. Imagine ongoing, online, multi-user, dynamic script-writing in real time where each user portrays the environment where any given character can be, and then goes on to narrate their own interactions with others through the creation of their own character. I accessed one through the telnet command terminal program, and continued to play it until I was fourteen. The one I played was based upon a children's book series by Brian Jacques, called Redwall. The series had originally been written for printing in braille for blind children. Fans of this book series went on to independently and completely collaboratively create a dimension of descriptions and descriptive actions.

This is how I learned English, learned the first of my computer skills, and learned to type. All throughout middle school, this game helped me to develop my identity, be creative, and even experience various leadership and service "roles" within this game's community. I learned about character development, plot, dialogue, and more. I began to compartmentalize information, discovered the beginnings of my personal aesthetic, and performed research in order to accurately portray my interests within this game . In the beginning of high school, I began to study the programming behind the game's interface. By the end of high school, I was thinking of ways that this highly engaging framework of information could be used as a tool for education.

The design of this particular type of game is so well suited to students of various ages that I hope to propose a system for their continued collaborative creation.

If you would like to visit the game I played a decade ago (yes, it is still online!), please let me know and I will escort you on a tour as a guest.