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What are some ideas for continuing education after High School?

Several of the TED talks and debates revolve around education and reform. Well at the moment I am in a very practical application of these ideas as my daughter is a senior in high school and we are exploring options. To that end I wanted to pull some ideas from people in this community. One of the reasons for still looking at a College of some sort is the accreditation. Unfortunately, the colleges still hold the cards in that regard.

I believe this topic could easily be opened up to our youth in general. Do we do a disservice to our youth by telling them they need to go to college after HS in order to explore their options for life? Are there better ways to explore life and get an education that we should be obligated to tell them?

Here are some interesting things we are looking at.

1. Online school such as U of Phoenix or more probably WGU. I am not sure how well these are perceived in the job market.

2. 2 years community college then flip to a 4 year so she would get the 4 year schools accreditation.

3. A hybrid of 1 & 2. online then flip to a 4 year

4. Joining the military where she could train in a job related to civilian life, get college credit for training, earn an AA by the time she get out then flip to a 4 year college using the GI bill money. As well as having job experience in a field of her choosing. (her Asvabs are 91 so her options are open)

5. Vocational schools that would train in a specific job with the downside of not being generally accredited with a BA or something.

Some of our concerns are cost, relevance of education, proper training and mostly I just hate the idea of spending a fortune on some piece of paper that is meaning less and less, but is still important enough that she may need it.

I also do value education and believe that after HS she needs to explore life, the world, education, etc to see what she would like to do. At the moment she is in flux and does not know what she wants.


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    Oct 27 2011: If the future major/career is unclear (or even if it is), I would take a couple of years off from school, and spend the time working, volunteering, or doing internships. I would also recommend meeting with mentors on regular basis (private lessons/discussions/projects). Finally, a local college bookstore should offer endless inspiration for topics for individual study.

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