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Motivate retirees into academic research - don't let all the wisdom go waste!

People retire - some want to and some are forced to. Depending on an individual's social-physical-economic circumstances, longevity casts varied impacts on self and others.

One thing is sure - there is a lot of accumulated learning and wisdom, and majority of it goes untapped. What a waste of such a fantastic resource...!

In what ways could society motivate willing retirees to continue to contribute actively?

Why does society stop expecting game changing ideas and contributions from experienced individuals? This can't be right, dad!


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  • Oct 28 2011: I am a retiree, thanks to health issues, but that doesn't mean my brain has died. Would I enjoy being a part of some form of research/think tank? Yes! Are there other retirees that feel the same as I ? Yes! Do some of us get together, via internet, & exchange ideas on various issues? Yes! Have some of us seen through the mud & come up with wonderful answers to various issues facing the world today? Yes! The problems facing us are: No one listens to are wisdom because we are no longer employed, we're over the hill, even the answers are too simple. Answers don't always need to be complex.
    TED helps some but those with great ideas & or answers never reach those who could benefit from them.
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      Oct 28 2011: Your every word resonates, that's why I started this discussion. My dad, now 73, a successful self employed professional for last 48 years, is in the process of forced retirement due to family circumstances. I feel it every day.

      And you are right, we have to find ways to tap into the accumulated wisdom, and not necessarily into the physical skills.

      How do we begin something very simple and tangible? I want to make it actionable, now.

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