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Motivate retirees into academic research - don't let all the wisdom go waste!

People retire - some want to and some are forced to. Depending on an individual's social-physical-economic circumstances, longevity casts varied impacts on self and others.

One thing is sure - there is a lot of accumulated learning and wisdom, and majority of it goes untapped. What a waste of such a fantastic resource...!

In what ways could society motivate willing retirees to continue to contribute actively?

Why does society stop expecting game changing ideas and contributions from experienced individuals? This can't be right, dad!


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    Oct 27 2011: So I see four key issues mentioned: a) Senior's health liability obligations in the research workplace, b) lack of certain senior's knack for academics, c) relevancy and accessibility of the research to the invited senior, and d) limiting the scope to academics alone and not extending to all commercial space.

    And we all agree that actively tapping into retirees expertise pool is a good idea.

    Now let's brainstorm how the four issues we have identified could be resolved? Also, let's think of few basic actions items that we can take up to test this idea. An example will be: how about we create a social exchange circles through facebook and google+ and invite retirees to briefly write about their expertise, availability, and research interest. And then we ask Academia to bounce off some challenges...


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