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Is globalization the biggest danger to third world cultures and their heritage or is that just an overstatement ?

While the world become more effected by each other than ever .. big questions face us like ..

How can we modernize without being westernized?
How can we manage to keep the balance between our cultures and the economic cultures?
How can we Use the benefit of Modernizations without compromising our thoughts and beliefs?
Are we heading into one culture world? Is that better or worse ?


بينما غدت اليوم كل اطراف الكوكب متأثرةً ومؤثرةً فيما بينها تتولد عدة اسئلة في هذا الخصوص اهمها
كيف يمكننا ان نتطور دون ان ننوصم بالوصمة الغربية؟
كيف يمكننا ان نوازن بين ثقافتنا المحلية وبين الثقافة الاقتصادية ؟
كيف يمكننا الاستفادة من الادوات والوسائل المتطورة دون المساومة على القناعات والافكار المحلية ؟
وهل العالم اليوم يتجه نحو عالم احادي الثقافة ؟ وهل هذا يعد امراً جيداً ام انه ليس كذلك ؟


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    Mar 7 2011: Mahmoud: I acknowledge and respect your fear, but if anything, the "West" has just as much to fear from globalization. Simple demographics indicate the western countries will eventually be over-run (population wise) by non-western countries. And with that will be a merging of cultures with the non-western peoples dominating.

    It seems that globalization, in the sense of greater and greater freedom of individuals to move around, is inevitable. And in the long run is good. But the fear of too rapid change which we are unable to adapt to is in us all.

    Maybe we do need, at times, to moderate the speed of change. What do you think?
    • Jul 13 2011: I totally agree with you. In my opinion globalization could effect our lives in negative ways. On the other hand, most countries got so many benefits from globalization. For example, some poor countrier such as Indonisia, which contains the most spectacular views created by nature, became one of the biggest places for tourism. Moreover, Indonisia's economy depends on travellers' money...
    • Jul 13 2011: I’m agree with you And I understand your concern. In addition to what you mentioned before, in my opinion the globalization is the main reason behind how many countries and people are losing their identity, unfortunately.
      In the globalized world, all the countries and cities are becoming very close to each other. Then the cultures are converging in to the same attitude and melted in the same pot. The unique cities that carry much history and culture in every place lost their cultural differences that make a society uniquely. for example: London looks like Paris which looks like Madrid, all restaurant serving the same dishes and the traditional food are drowned out by huge fast food chains. Moreover, traditional clothing is lost between the new fashions and trends created by the big brands. All people look, food, and dress alike whether they are in New York, Paris, and Cairo. The globalization influences destroy our identity which makes us special and allows us to stand out from the crowd. On other hand, I’m totally for globalization, economically and industrially speaking, but we can’t neglect the negative effects it has on culture and society. Globalization is like a malignant disease which gradually destroy the entire structure of any society without any visible sing

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