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Is globalization the biggest danger to third world cultures and their heritage or is that just an overstatement ?

While the world become more effected by each other than ever .. big questions face us like ..

How can we modernize without being westernized?
How can we manage to keep the balance between our cultures and the economic cultures?
How can we Use the benefit of Modernizations without compromising our thoughts and beliefs?
Are we heading into one culture world? Is that better or worse ?


بينما غدت اليوم كل اطراف الكوكب متأثرةً ومؤثرةً فيما بينها تتولد عدة اسئلة في هذا الخصوص اهمها
كيف يمكننا ان نتطور دون ان ننوصم بالوصمة الغربية؟
كيف يمكننا ان نوازن بين ثقافتنا المحلية وبين الثقافة الاقتصادية ؟
كيف يمكننا الاستفادة من الادوات والوسائل المتطورة دون المساومة على القناعات والافكار المحلية ؟
وهل العالم اليوم يتجه نحو عالم احادي الثقافة ؟ وهل هذا يعد امراً جيداً ام انه ليس كذلك ؟


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  • Jul 13 2011: Chad, I disagree that any corporation does not have a soul. many corporations give jobs to people in many countries. As for me, I feel globalization means communication between people. It means trade and sharing culture, food, ideas, products, services. Globalization has had many benefits. Today, more and more people in developing countries like India, Brazil and others are able to get jobs to manufacture automobile parts, rubber products, textiles, software. Due to globalization many companies have offices in different parts of the world, these offices employ local people. Due to this the local economy can also be improved. Governments do not create products and sell them in other countries. The flow of goods and services is supported not by governments, but by businesses - large and small. Globalization allows businesses to sell their products in other countries more easily that before. so corporations are good.

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