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Is globalization the biggest danger to third world cultures and their heritage or is that just an overstatement ?

While the world become more effected by each other than ever .. big questions face us like ..

How can we modernize without being westernized?
How can we manage to keep the balance between our cultures and the economic cultures?
How can we Use the benefit of Modernizations without compromising our thoughts and beliefs?
Are we heading into one culture world? Is that better or worse ?


بينما غدت اليوم كل اطراف الكوكب متأثرةً ومؤثرةً فيما بينها تتولد عدة اسئلة في هذا الخصوص اهمها
كيف يمكننا ان نتطور دون ان ننوصم بالوصمة الغربية؟
كيف يمكننا ان نوازن بين ثقافتنا المحلية وبين الثقافة الاقتصادية ؟
كيف يمكننا الاستفادة من الادوات والوسائل المتطورة دون المساومة على القناعات والافكار المحلية ؟
وهل العالم اليوم يتجه نحو عالم احادي الثقافة ؟ وهل هذا يعد امراً جيداً ام انه ليس كذلك ؟


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  • Feb 26 2011: How can free market capitalism create the jobs required in the contemporary Arab World?
    It cannot. Finding an alternative to free market or state capitalism in next few years is greatest challenge.

    Globalization: Challenging free trade is the most important thing to do. People need jobs - not cheap stuff.

    Libya, very high unemployment amongst under 25's. So, why so many foreign workers doing all kinds of work? Free movement of labor is not good. There is neo-slavery everywhere generated by this ''free movement.''

    When ''globalization'' means capitalism, there is going to be trouble. If post-revolution Arab countries embrace free market capitalism they will have further revolutions because the masses are not prepared to endure poverty and unemployment to satisfy a system which benefits the few.
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      Mar 21 2011: will you bother to give any explanation why the free market can not create jobs? or it is a dogma?

      (side notes: people don't need jobs. they want goods. jobs are necessary to create the goods that people want.)

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