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What is the first thing you tell yourself when you wake up to give yourself energy or courage?

Many people use various quotes and axioms for to inspire and motivate them for a new day. eg. steve jobs said. "I ask myself what would I do if today was my last day?"

What do you tell or ask yourself?


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  • Nov 2 2011: Hi Anwar Kamal

    what I write has nothing to do with the question you have asked. my writings are about "everything" - Living a life of everything, it come because of living in different cultures, such as North European and South Eurpean, (and others in between). I compare the differences between them and me as total stranger for them. I haven't though of a title, maybe one day when I get all of them together, it will possibly be about how to be mentaly flexible to live in defferent culture and be loved by them.
    • Nov 4 2011: then let me recommend you chammamenda adiche's talk on single story. it will help for you to be loved and accepted by different cultures.

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