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Creativity in Action

We can overcome geographical, language, age and political barriers. We can make a difference. Let's take the next step.

This is Stage 2 of the debate on Creativity and Education, do it!

What: Now that we have brainstormed so many possibilities, let's choose a few real world problems from our own group of TEDsters, and begin to tackle them, one at a time.

How: Connecting, cooperating, organizing information, sharing our skills, giving ideas, encouraging, writing or blogging, creating a webpage, reaching out to our own communities.

For example, we could:
...set up of a more permanent online network that remains connected and researches solutions, organizations, resources to make a difference in local communities, like Cairo,
... create an even wider survey of ideas utilizing our current online social networks,
... organize a non-profit of any scale to address improvement,
... start up a collaborative project where we pool our different skills and make an online zine to create awareness and broadcast creativity in different forms (new inventions in all areas, articles, school innovations, video clips, robotics, green solutions, etc.)
… [your idea here]

Closing Statement from Karina Eisner

The TEDsters here have lived and worked around the globe, and are already in education, creating and causing change in very different ways, in different communities. I am thankful to each of them for sharing how they make a difference on daily basis. Your input, weather in words, resources, articles, or music, has been inspiring, motivational and uplifting. I am looking forward to more updates and collaboration, continue to inspire the world!

JAIME lives creatively, and changes communities through his university work (Mexico and Italy), the "Taller del Asombro" (Asombratorium), and his civic involvement. He does seminars and design courses for designers, arts and crafts workshops for kids, ecological design field courses, exhibitions (art, toys and design), traditional Mexican cooking, book design and print, etc. To take a closer look at his creative explorations, go to his website: http://tallerdelasombro.com/Main.html

AMIRA is a Harvard graduate in Cairo, with a deep desire for positive change in this time of crisis. She teaches at the American University, and also works with private schools and multinational organizations. Her vision is to utilize her training and experience incorporating technology and social networks to advance education and bring people, faiths and nations closer together.

PETER is a global renaissance man -a social innovator with an interest in anything and everything, particularly education. He impacts his community as TEDx organizer, educational consultant to schools and colleges, overall idea generator, and effective communicator. As we could see in both debates, he is a also an impressive researcher.

Thanks to all! You moved me to take action into my hands, actively participate in this network and others, research and study new disciplines, effect change at work, collaborate with the local college strategic planning committee, join others in social impact projects, reset personal & professional goals, and redefine open-mindedness.

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    Nov 7 2011: Karina, for mondays I reccomend this

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    Nov 15 2011: Karina we have to see our ancient creativity forms....relearn to see our roots.
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      Nov 17 2011: Hi Jaime,
      I am going to be on holidays next week, so not here that often.

      Roots... we have to look back to connect the dots, while moving forward with faith because we don't know for sure where is the next dot. The paradigm: to remain strongly anchored while moving forward, roots and wings. We need to struggle with ourselves in order to remain true to ourselves. Integrity is not cheap.

      I have always been moved to give, do, and make a difference, but have to pay attention and be intentional in how it materializes so it doesn't end in just dreams.

      Let's see how this TED exchange helps decide the next dots...

      I know it has moved me to start several projects, I will use next week to ponder on roots and wings.
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        Nov 17 2011: Maybe is usefull to ponder in the right sequence:

        Roots............the origin.
        Dots..............the fruit.
        Knots.............the consolidation.
        Wings............the possibilities.

        The interwoven results is a net. A creativity net.

        Nice holidays.........
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          Nov 18 2011: I like how you put my thoughts in a nice line... I try to ignore the knotty part of things, because it involves a lot of struggle (sometimes painful) but it has to be there all right :-)

          I have to make a painting out of this, I can already picture it in my mind!
          More homework for a creative vacation...

          Nice holidays to you (for someone that thinks every day is a Sunday, every week can be a holiday, right ;-)
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        Nov 19 2011: Karina, los nudos son para que la red funcione, son parte fundamental de cualquier sistema vivo, como nosotros, como el universo....los marinos de altamar saben hacer nudos, es un arte, los exploradores tambien, son esenciales para la vida.....
        y en eso de las vacaciones te platico una anecdota personal.....Cuando estaba muy pequeño creo que de cinco o seis años, mi abuela materna (que con ella me crie y aprendi muchas cosas) me dijo:...."Hijito tu naciste de vacaciones"....desde entonces comprendi que todo el tiempo es libre y que , en mi caso personal, me es imposible trabajar, no tengo tiempo para perderlo trabajando ya que estoy siempre muy ocupado en mis propias faenas, tareas, andanzas, realidades y uno que otro sueño....., por eso siempre estoy de vacaciones....luego te contare mas de mis multiples infancias con una sola abuela.

        Estoy seguro de que tu pintura sera el fruto del vuelo de tus alas enraizadas en la red de tus propias
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    Nov 9 2011: Karina one of the most beloved forms of creativity in action is: OUTLAW DESIGN.

    Applied to a city is wonderfull.¡¡¡¡¡
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      Nov 18 2011: Jaime, Can you tell us more about OUTLAW DESIGN?
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        Nov 19 2011: Debra the outlaw design is to be against the dumbmarket commandaments about consumerism and abuse in products, materials, ans emotions just for money. Outlaw design is intelligent ecological design using the sensibility and intelligence to achieve real solutions for real people. Not for magazine people who want to live exactly as the colorfull pages said. The outlaw design is cooperative not competitive.
        Is not fashion or mode or artificial needs in the market shelves.
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    Nov 8 2011: For this day without name please hear and enjoy this:


    mexican creativity in action.......Danzon 2 de Arturo Marquez
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    Nov 6 2011: Karina this conference of birds is excellent for sundays and fridays (any friday is a sunday in disguise)


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    Nov 5 2011: Karina politica es la dimension colectiva del amor....el Principito lo sabe bien y lo aplica....el Principe lo sabe bien y en ocasiones lo aplica, en otras no....Maquiavelo y San Ignacio son imagenes encontradas en los dos lados de un espejo misterioso que se dio en los siglos xv y xvi...Maquiavelo postulaba..."Es mejor ser temido que amado"...San Ignacio dijo: "Es mejor ser amado que temido".....entre el Principe (Cesar Borgia en este caso) y el Principito (Antoine de Saint Exupery) la analogia es polarizante....del terror a la ternura. Y si ubicamos a Ignacio en el medio,entonces tenemos una solucion que equilibra poder, autoridad y creatividad (tal y como se enseña y acostumbra en la Compañia de Jesùs) en la dimension individual y colectiva. Italia esta presente de continuo en mi desde los 70s, ahi estudie en Milan, luego en Bologna y en Roma...y siempre con los jesuitas....en la Compañia se dice: amar y servir.
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      Nov 5 2011: Poner A San Ignacio en el medio no seria admitir que tiene un poco de Machiavelo? No me atrevo a pensarlo asi al santo vasco (parte de mi familia viene de alli)...

      Que hermosa experiencia en esa edad, conocer tan de adentro la cultura italiana, vivirla asi. Nunca estuve en Bologna, pero mi tiempo en Milan y Roma fue inolvidable.
      Yo acumulo experiencias, no hechos, y siempre tienen que ver con los que me rodean en cada momento, ellos son parte del tapiz que con el tiempo voy haciendo de mi vida. O la pintura... Italia tiene un lugar especial en esa pintura, no desprovisto de drama, veramente italiana!

      Per la Italia, salute! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD8BryVB9d0&feature=related
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        Nov 6 2011: Forza Italia----------
        Karina lo unico malo de Maquiavelo es que tiene mala prensa. En realidad fue un hombre inteligente, con gran sensibilidad y capacidad de negociacion. Un hombre bueno diriamos....San Ignacio rsponde a Maquiavelo con la dialectica contraria y eso no lo hace "maquiavelico"- Por el contrario, usa la astucia para determinar la esencia de la compañia: amar y servir. Maquiavelo tampoco era ingenuo y San Ignacio mucho menos. Ambos usaron la indiferencia sublime, uno en forma de meditacion ingeniosa y otro como un estrategia de la verdad. Aun hoy un pilar fundamental de los jesuitas es la indiferencia sublime o el ingenio, aqui esta la creatividad. Saint Exupery, tanto como Maquiavelo y San Ignacio fueron militares...conocieron de cerca la guerra, supieron de la muerte y los tres nacieron dos veces. Cada uno en su propio renacimiento.....y en este tema Italia es maestra insuperable.
      • Nov 13 2011: hi Karina! It seems that the conversation is still metaphysical. I've been away for the holiday season and I had hoped to find a lot of down to earth,do-able ideas.But alas! I find myself lost in a fog(( I will check in from my laptop tomorrow, typing from an iPhone is not that fun. Bye for now.
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    Nov 5 2011: Karina i'm sure that theres a lot of people doing superb things everywhere, but also theres a lot of burglairs and pirates hidden and waiting for the treasure. Here in Mexico we have a big problem with the pharmaceutical big companies who take our plants to fix a phony legal patents and use without any compensation or punishment. In other fields our corn is taken as a chemical basis for more than a hundred products and Monsanto took the fields hidden in a bunch of seeds companies to change the natural corn for the transgenic corn ( a sterile seed) ...so we have the first geneticl procedures in history with the domestication of corn(5,000 years ago) but also we loose our richness in hand of the governements and foreign pirates. The creativity in action also means fight for our rights.
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      Nov 5 2011: Outch, you are so right!

      And don't get me started on Monsanto. I found them over 20 years ago doing research, and already knew how sneaky they were at trying to control the world food supply with the excuse that they are helping by "improving" the species. Any information about them was so hard to find...
      Whatever they touch becomes sterile, it loses life. The sad thing is, it is not only dead itself, it causes death!
      Yet, the industry of GM food is the largest experiment done in history. No comprehensive studies have been done on long term effects, genetic mutations, hormonal imbalances, etc. caused by consuming genetically modified food, before putting it in the market. $$$$ rules here, their biggest investment is in lobbying.
      And baby formula was among their first GM introductions, with GM soy beans!

      But let's stay focused here on action in education. Or not, it sounds like we could talk about just anything, since it is becoming a private chat here :-) No problem with that either...
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        Nov 5 2011: Karina creativity goes beyond the arts and education....touch every aspect of our lives.

        Renew the citizenship is a form of creativity applied to a community. Community in action.
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          Nov 5 2011: I know, I know, Jaime, but if you want to actually do something, you have to pick a starting point, and this where my road took me... from here, who knows where it will go...

          The big goal IS to impact the community, because education, and how we see it and approach it, affects every little corner of communities... But by education I don't mean necessarily from the classroom, you can educate through a column in a newspaper, a monthly presentation, training adults/parents/teachers, going to retirement homes... the whole spectrum!

          Tell me more about renew the citizenship, is that something you do in Guadalajara, or an idea you are exploring?
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        Nov 5 2011: Karina , in the Asombratorium we offer and run two exploring courses:

        1. ENVIROMENTAL EDUCATION. For groups, associations and governement officers. This is a regular course that we run here in the city. From this group born the Citizens Conseil in Enviromental Education for Guadalajara, a mixed organization between universities, associations, and governement

        2. THE PROFOUND MEANING OF CITIZENSHIP. This is a course for deep reflections in citizenship. Is for scholars. This course born from my doctoral thesis. (From the Prince to the Little Prince: politics in Maquiavelo, Saint Ignatius of Loyola and Antoine de Saint Exupery) I present the course to universities and citizens associations. This course also runs in Italy under the program "Redefining the happines". Right now in this very moment, one if m collegues are in Italy in this program. And also we edit some tiny books about : "Ser conservador", "Residuo y Residencia" y "Aforismos sobre la basura" an object book. So as you can see we are very busy in this matter also.
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          Nov 5 2011: You don't stop to amazing me :-)

          I like how you think and bring it all back to the roots... "From the Prince to the Little Prince"
          Politics in The Little Prince you say? In my book he is king of hearts

          I am amazed at how you have made sense of every stage of your life and managed to make use of every bit with harmony.
          You even brought in Italy into the picture. Well, Italy never leaves you, I imagine it has been there since your youth...

          I don't know if I have said this before, but I admire how you think, and feel and bring everything to the very essence. I am honored to be able to learn from a wiser soul!
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    Nov 4 2011: This piece is a superb example of creativity....Toru Takemitsu plays with the universe

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    Nov 1 2011: Ah my dear Karina, you are so kind and gentle...my sincere sense of gratefull for your words. I'm just a designer with some sort of way to do things.
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      Nov 2 2011: I've "visited" Guadalajara for the last hour... that will have to do for now. Thanks for the ticket!

      Beautiful, just a feast for the heart. Thanks for sharing your taller Asombratorium.
      I was struck at your designs, stories, food, pictures. You both have re-created a paradise, reclaimed pieces of beauty out of the utilitarian reality that surround us.
      Reading your article on "redes sociales" I realized that you are redeeming that too (aren't you saving the "red" here, in every comment?)
      But I have to confess I came away with one sentence that still echoes, and it is not yours... "Sin el silencio la música no existe" So very true, referring to paintings, music, and life in general! The pause is needed in the middle of all the "noise" in which we live...

      I'll put this webpage together with the gardens I shared with you before, from another special TEDster. A growing treasure of real human souls behind this "red social" that is coming to life, bit by bit, word by word, idea by idea...
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    Nov 1 2011: Karina here in Guadalajara (Mexico) we run since 44 years our design atelier and workshop where we spread a lot of activities in the crativity field for designers and children. ASOMBRATORIUM....and also we are in a close relationship with similar places in Italy...

    Among our activities are:
    Seminar and mayor design & cretivity courses for designers.
    Atelier arts and crafts for kids.
    Ecological design courses in our own facilities in the woods near the city.
    Exhibitions in arts, antiques, toys and design.
    Research and confection of traditional mexican food. We are Slow Food members.
    Design and book print.
    Please visit our site: http://tallerdelasombro.com/Main.html

    Your comments are wellcome.
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      Nov 1 2011: Jaime!!!! You had this treasure and were hiding this all along?????

      I am amazed, to say the least.

      I am at a training course right now, so I have little time during a break, but will look into this more carefully later.
      Now I want to go and visit... (my GPS mind says "calculating") I wish it were a little closer to home, but I am thinking hard. Winter holiday, president day, I have to see this, even the name is just so creative: Asombratorium!

      What do you personally do there? (and my head is still saying, wow, wow!)
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        Nov 1 2011: Karina this treasure is open....

        Since I study in Italy so many years ago, with my wife start this adventure, a really nice adventure.....
        Today 44 years later is a tree full of fruits....

        I keep my design tasks in a handfull of projects in areas like...Urban, industrial, toys, graphics, furniture, books...also I have my catedra in semiotics in the jesuit uiversity.... of course all the time is happy time, more when I cook some dishes with a real joy to achieve the original flavor and esence from the historical way to cooking here in Mexico. Its my world, my happy world.
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          Nov 1 2011: I am still saying it, wow]!

          And I am smiling while I remember your postings; absolutely NOT surprised that your specialty is semiotics :-)
          You are just a well of wisdom, and I am sure you will have lots of ideas to shape this project. because you are already doing something to reach out in this field, you have lots of experience!
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    Oct 31 2011: Karina of course graffity is completly banned.

    They ruined the space and destruct the clean aspect of the cities.
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    Oct 31 2011: Amira,

    Are you familiar with the Maker movement? It started in California, USA with the publication of Make magazine by O'Reilly which sparked annual Maker Faires in several USA cities. It has since spread to other countries. One was just held at the American University in Cairo earlier this month. Take a look: http://www.almasryalyoum.com/en/node/503171

    One of the key protagonists in this movement is Mitch Altman who is a gentle soul encouraging others to make things. Our family had the good fortune of attending a Maker Faire in Austin, TX years ago and learning to make a TV B Gone eye glass contraption from Mitch.

    If ever there were two groups ready, willing, and able to embrace creativity, the Maker Faire and TEDsters would be they. Hope this helps.
    • Nov 1 2011: I just looked at the Maker Fair article, very interesting concept. I wish they had done it somewhere else. The AUC is an excellent University, but it is sort of a bubble or an island on its own, Its community hosts events, gets them published in the English papers( limited readership/probably same AUC community) and the general public is none the wiser. I hope we can do something in the mainstream to really havean impact on education and bring creativity to all, rich and poor, educated or not....yet))
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        Nov 1 2011: Amira,
        Brown University has an annual 3-day conference similar to TED, student initiated, that is amazing. They have lots of creative brains from all disciplines coming together, like Cameron Sinclair (TED speaker and prize winner) He is an architect that for me summarizes creativity and service, with his Open Architecture Network.

        Take a look at A Better World by Design and see if maybe that is not something that could be done to bring about ideas in education to a wide group of people -from college and outside of it. In a smaller scale, possibly...

        Tell me what you think :-)
  • Oct 30 2011: The input on the previous debate was tremendous and exciting that is why I'm surprised that there is no activity on this debate here. Have we given all we have and are now waiting for others to lead, or do we feel creative in cycles? or are we just gathering steam? It would be interesting to hear from all of you.
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      Oct 30 2011: Hi, Amira.
      I haven't been here as often, as I had a few more things to deal with outside of TED :-)
      But I can tell you that no, I haven't put this in the back burner.
      As for the rest, they heard the call, but I think we need to come up with a platform, a plan (however schematic) of the next step. Otherwise, this is too gray a territory, not clear how the "action" is going to happen.

      I can tell you that I met with our local TEDx group just yesterday. We discussed, among other things, this creativity debate, and my vision to turn all this talk into action, a real project, and make a difference. The idea took flight, people were very interested and got carried away, I am afraid, taking most of our meeting time.
      The seed has been planted there.
      This TED group meets randomly, so is not able to make progress on this as fast as the TED.com debate, but there is great potential for collaboration. We discussed several local cases of successful interactions with the existing educational system, as well as some disaster stories. I believe there is definitely a desire to extend locally. The global aspect (what we covered for the most part online here) may need a separate place, a virtual niche that keeps us in touch more often (although virtually) to be able to shape this idea.

      Have you given any more thoughts to this? Do you have a way to share this project with a similar group there? Do you think there could be a local think-tank there too? The more the merrier...

      And how do see this project materializing from your stand point?
      In the case of Cairo's situation, for example, what kind of support or intervention do you see is needed? At what level is it more urgent? Is the current system the same you had before January? And to what extent do you think the current government will allow any creative steps within education?

      Keep us posted :-)
      • Nov 1 2011: Karina, let me share with you what I have been thinking/wishing for. I currently teach a unique course. My learners are religious scholars (Muslim) and the goal is to teach them English for religious purposes while exposing them to the "West" and showing them the dynamics of a range of factors that have led to many distructive and toxic growing phenomena such as "Islamophobia". I wish to create a digital magazine or publication which would have a forum to cross-culturally discuss pivotal ideas and bring people, faiths and nations closer together. I am looking for a creative structure/format/platform to do this. My learners are amazingly well educated, open-minded and willing to engage in this, I'm trying to give them the language functions needed as well as the cultural background which underlies this current tricky situation we all find ourselves in. So, as you see, I have a lot to gain from keeping "Creativity in Action" realistic, practical and current
        .Peter, thanks for the link, I will look into it right now.
  • Oct 27 2011: Hi Karina, ummmmm, am I in the right place? most of the above sounds very philosophical to me!!! But let me comment on Dan's idea of house painting, as an example. Creativity within agreed upon social and legal boundaries gave us the very charming "doors of Dublin" . Walking through the streets of this lovely city you see how this quirky idea developed within a defined area where each homeowner could express their creativity while respecting zoning laws and community architectural style. The result is an addition to the rich cultural flavour of the city. On the other end of this, we see the housing problem in Egypt which has led farmers to build on agricultural land (illegal ofcourse) The previous goverment didnt enforce the law, because these people were solving their problem without resorting to the goverment; however, they also took design into their own hands.... the result are growing eyesores, a mish mash of dwellings with no style, rare attempts to paint part of a facade, no zoning laws..... absolute chaos. Is this creativity? I suppose the answer is yes in the absolute sense of the word. So I hope that we have a debate about creativity within the boundaries of organized societies where freedom is a tool of social construction rather than on of destruction and where economic and cultural issues are incorporated. If not, I'm afraid all this wonderful energy might turn into a showcase where we try to out-create eachother in a frenzied race toward the most unheard of, or the most outlandish idea.The ideas you posed as an introduction to this conversation are great. Bringing them to action needs a structure or platform to take us from A to B. Maybe the first step would be a poll or survey on the joint vehicle that we might all use. The idea of a permanent online network sounds like a good start to me. Through that we might find similar minded people who live next door!! A cyber thinktank/social network would be a great start.
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      Oct 27 2011: Amira in all ages we could find thinktanks working as social nets....the history has a lot of exmples...here just two of them:

      In the ancient Rome ....all the advantages achivied by the roman empire was product of a net....philosophers, artists, politicians, generals, slaves, christians, people, citizens, mecenas, richest and poorer people, lawyers who worked each in their own fields with goal to create an empire.

      In the medieval age was the same kind of work to achieve an intellectual empire with a heaven branch...the cathedrals...a colective work, incredible work with creativity and human labour organized by masters.
  • Oct 27 2011: Hey Karina.

    It was interesting to see how the whole GRAFFITI craze came, and then squashed. I always thought that these artists should be doing their work in a more organized way, in designated spots, like a free public art show.
    Urban design is all about creativeness in shaping cities and towns with a blend of architecture, and landscape, why not art scape?
    Different cultures have different styles of creativeness, lets show them off. If you create an environment that gives good feelings, it will spread.
    And then of course there will be your critics that will say stuff you don't want to hear, if that happens then just challenge them to do better.
    Maybe start small like your own house, or where ever you live. Paint it different colors, different designs created by you.
    Create your own personal style, and who knows that style may spread.
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      Oct 30 2011: Dan,

      Very original thinking, also very illegal for the most part -you are aware of that, right?
      Some of the graffiti that has been done is extremely artistic and beautiful, yet it is bound to be painted over because of its very nature.
      On the other hand, your suggestion is not so far fetched as it may seem. I read of recent efforts to invite a well known graffiti artist to show his work at an university setting. Some installations were already in place, until the organizers realized that some of the material included stolen signs and commercial advertisement (surprised?) Well, faster than the speed of light a whole group of people took everything back, but not said graffiti artist, who was afraid of being caught red handed.

      But I am still trying to think how your idea ties with creativity in education???
      You lost me there...
      • Oct 30 2011: I too, have been busy trying to get jobs that I'm working on done,making sure I stay up on my Class Work and preparing my house for the long bitter months that are upon us.
        My idea ties into the broader scheme. Creativity put out there for the youth to see, to see that there is creativity all around them. This should, in turn make their fist few years of school more exiting, give them ideas. Because we all know that the fist few years of education are drawing, painting, projects with creativeness we should expand these ideas at this age.
        Which brings me to another question, "why are they taking out the script teaching to third and fourth graders?" I can see that they also need typing skills, but why knock one out and keep the other, they need to teach both right?
        Is this going on in other countries as well?
        Our signature is what makes us an individual, our own kind of graffiti. If we loose that we loose a part of our individual creativity.
        We should keep this in our curriculum for these young minds. That's just my view.
        On the other topic, how dose "Open-Book" instead of Face-Book sound, all most the same thing, but just for college students, I have some ideas.
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        Oct 30 2011: Karina....how creativity could be illegal?

        We need outlaw artists, outlaw designers, outlaw writers, outlaw scientists....

        we need learn how to ask outlaw questions.....

        Also we have to see clearly the differences between creation and destruction.
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          Oct 31 2011: Jaime, don't blame me :-)

          In many countries it is illegal to deface public buildings/places.

          I understand your metaphors, that definition is for the every day dimension that we still need to deal with, which sometimes is everything BUT poetic...

          Gangs do graffiti, leave threats for others, and deface shops and property. They spread fear and rivalry, create division and challenge what there is, whatever it is.

          On the other hand, you can have a mural on an empty lot in the city, or an old wall of a school, maybe done by the school kids, or the neighbors. New York is full of both examples.
          That's is the difference between creating and destroying...
      • Nov 1 2011: Karina,

        This does not look like its going good. I feel that I may have done something to throw you off track, if so I'm sorry. Maybe a little over reacting without knowledge(deindividuation).
        I have only recently started using the computer, 1 and a half years ago to be exact, and this was my first exposure to something like TED. And I'm still amazed on how much information that is at our fingertips, ask, click and read.
        I've worked my whole life doing creative jobs. I would move from job to job doing creative works that you can stand back and say, wow that looks good, and get paid for it. Landscaping was the longest job, every one different in its own way.
        I joined college to get back into my Art, what part I don't know, I would like to do all. Last year was my first year in college and I took drawing 1, to see how it was going to be in college. I did better than I thought I would. I received an A, and one of my dozens of drawing won first at the College Art show, I got a letter from the college congratulating me on a job well done. But I don't have the drawing that won, or the others with it, because they were either stolen or thrown away, I'll never know. I would like to think that they were stolen, at least they would be looked at.
        This whole web of information, and the technology that is coming with it, is overwhelming to me. I see in a bigger picture now with this, and it scares me. Creativity may have to fight technology before education, to be able to thrive in the future.
        I won't post no more here, and again I'm sorry if I threw you off track.
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    Oct 26 2011: We agreed that creativity is crucial en education, and nowadays is mostly absent from the classrooms.
    We agreed that, now that we finished the debate, we want to make a difference.

    Let's take inventory:
    What areas do you observe where you live that could use creativity?

    What skills do you have that you can share online with this group?

    Which issue from the debate should we address?
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      Oct 26 2011: Karina....las diferencias......y las semejanzas?

      Un signo distintivo de la inteligencia creativa es que es capàz de reconocer las diferencias en las semejanzas y lo semejante en lo diferente...este proceso natural, pero a veces olvidado por la tirania de la razòn, se llama sinèctica y es natural en nosotros. La sinèctica es el arte de comparar y es por medio de ella que logramos un criterio dialèctico que armoniza y confronta las semejanzas y las diferencias. El equilibrio entre lo sejante y lo diferente se llama identidad y proviene de la integridad, esto es:...ser lo que se es y reconocerlo.

      La sinèctica es algo que en armonìa con la hermenèutica, la mayeutica y la heurìstica invocan-provocan la creatividad.
      Si queremos lograr un debate real y fructifero es necesario ser sinceros, veraces y humildes.
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        Oct 27 2011: Welcome, Jaime!
        ...And of course you give this Stage 2 a very metaphysical beginning. Looking beyond the surface is a great talent of yours :-)

        I like your explanation of the nature of creativity. We can analyze it past midnight (or past the debate closing point) but at the end of the day, creativity is.
        It is a reality; we have agreed it is inherent to the human being, it is built in, and is part of what makes us human.

        We also agreed that we all have it, developed to different degrees.

        We recognized that it was much better for individuals, and for the whole, to have an environment conducive to creativity, weather at home, school or work (as Varlan Allan suggested in the previous debate)

        Creativity in Action tries to bridge the gap between theory and practice, between pure discussion and our every day life; your reality, mine, the every day in any corner of this beautiful earth, simply out of commitment to make this a better world (social responsibility, agape love, otherness -your choice)
        We have already tackled its roots quite a bit in the previous debate. Now we are moving on, making sure the creative forces we engaged don't become stagnant.
        In this new section we will celebrate all that we learned about creativity by gathering our diverse gifts and putting them in action in a creative way on a real life case scenario.

        In fact, this is creativity enabling creativity. The chosen project (s) should allow for more creativity in a given situation. It should nurture it, and facilitate the conditions for it to flow freely. Education resounded like the main area where action is needed, but there are certainly many others.

        Through honest and humble collaboration and conversation, we would be of service to the common good, weather the project is around the corner or in another continent.
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          Oct 27 2011: Karina is great to be in an intelligent debate....creativity begins with the emptyness the VACUI and chaos.....creativity and ALL in this universe begin with the metaphisical point...in sanscrit BINDU (the moon, the belly, the semen drop, the firts trace of a circle or a word....) the very first sound to be transformed in a IDEA (sanscrit= the metaphisical form of the non existent things) from IDEA cames vIDEO, VIsion, WISdom, WISe...etc
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      Oct 26 2011: Karina la creatividad se manifiesta, no se aplica, por lo tanto, esa manifestacion se hace patente desde un estado latente y natural y se expresa en una condicion ambital, es decir aquello que integra espacio, tiempo, sujeto y objeto con las emociones, las ideas y sobre todo con los conceptos, es decir aquello que tiene vida en si mismo...esta concebido y por lo tanto necesita un ambito natural para desarrollarse y nacer...un vientre metafisico que genera realidades tangibles.
    • Nov 2 2011: Karina,

      I think creativity as the only end seems a bit narrow; it needs to be combined with a context... making things, objects, etc for the common good... for wellbeing, for a better society, for binding communities together; becaue one thing education (and society) is also missing a lot is connection, opportunities for people to BE! Be themselves, be with others, be comfortable or not, explore new areas, experiment with risk... and creativity- and the Arts are important in that aspect.... giving people a place to nurture their SOULS!!!! do that make sense?
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        Nov 3 2011: Absolutely, Theresia!

        While the connection between creativity and the arts is a given, it is in my opinion that it needs fostering in all other areas .

        For astronomers to continue to look even further, researchers to attempt a cure, engineers to come up with a new and better design, the critical element at the base is how we think (not what), and how we explore into the unknown. Creativity is key in that.

        This debate is focusing rather on creativity in education, and doing something about it. Still that is wide, and I hope that the input here will help bring about particular areas of need, specific cases that need rebuilding or recreating...
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          Nov 3 2011: Karina you said "the critical elment at the base is how we think (not what)..." let me put together "how we feel"......the sensitive mind also has a lot to do in creativity....also the intuitive mind, the intellectual mind, and the intelligent mind....

          Ciao cara.
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          Nov 3 2011: Karina gracias....te comparto una afirmacion afortunada del escultor rumano Constantin Brancusi..."No hay que crear, hay que estar en estado de crear".