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Creativity in Action

We can overcome geographical, language, age and political barriers. We can make a difference. Let's take the next step.

This is Stage 2 of the debate on Creativity and Education, do it!

What: Now that we have brainstormed so many possibilities, let's choose a few real world problems from our own group of TEDsters, and begin to tackle them, one at a time.

How: Connecting, cooperating, organizing information, sharing our skills, giving ideas, encouraging, writing or blogging, creating a webpage, reaching out to our own communities.

For example, we could:
...set up of a more permanent online network that remains connected and researches solutions, organizations, resources to make a difference in local communities, like Cairo,
... create an even wider survey of ideas utilizing our current online social networks,
... organize a non-profit of any scale to address improvement,
... start up a collaborative project where we pool our different skills and make an online zine to create awareness and broadcast creativity in different forms (new inventions in all areas, articles, school innovations, video clips, robotics, green solutions, etc.)
… [your idea here]


Closing Statement from Karina Eisner

The TEDsters here have lived and worked around the globe, and are already in education, creating and causing change in very different ways, in different communities. I am thankful to each of them for sharing how they make a difference on daily basis. Your input, weather in words, resources, articles, or music, has been inspiring, motivational and uplifting. I am looking forward to more updates and collaboration, continue to inspire the world!

JAIME lives creatively, and changes communities through his university work (Mexico and Italy), the "Taller del Asombro" (Asombratorium), and his civic involvement. He does seminars and design courses for designers, arts and crafts workshops for kids, ecological design field courses, exhibitions (art, toys and design), traditional Mexican cooking, book design and print, etc. To take a closer look at his creative explorations, go to his website: http://tallerdelasombro.com/Main.html

AMIRA is a Harvard graduate in Cairo, with a deep desire for positive change in this time of crisis. She teaches at the American University, and also works with private schools and multinational organizations. Her vision is to utilize her training and experience incorporating technology and social networks to advance education and bring people, faiths and nations closer together.

PETER is a global renaissance man -a social innovator with an interest in anything and everything, particularly education. He impacts his community as TEDx organizer, educational consultant to schools and colleges, overall idea generator, and effective communicator. As we could see in both debates, he is a also an impressive researcher.

Thanks to all! You moved me to take action into my hands, actively participate in this network and others, research and study new disciplines, effect change at work, collaborate with the local college strategic planning committee, join others in social impact projects, reset personal & professional goals, and redefine open-mindedness.

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    Oct 31 2011: Amira,

    Are you familiar with the Maker movement? It started in California, USA with the publication of Make magazine by O'Reilly which sparked annual Maker Faires in several USA cities. It has since spread to other countries. One was just held at the American University in Cairo earlier this month. Take a look: http://www.almasryalyoum.com/en/node/503171

    One of the key protagonists in this movement is Mitch Altman who is a gentle soul encouraging others to make things. Our family had the good fortune of attending a Maker Faire in Austin, TX years ago and learning to make a TV B Gone eye glass contraption from Mitch.

    If ever there were two groups ready, willing, and able to embrace creativity, the Maker Faire and TEDsters would be they. Hope this helps.
    • Nov 1 2011: I just looked at the Maker Fair article, very interesting concept. I wish they had done it somewhere else. The AUC is an excellent University, but it is sort of a bubble or an island on its own, Its community hosts events, gets them published in the English papers( limited readership/probably same AUC community) and the general public is none the wiser. I hope we can do something in the mainstream to really havean impact on education and bring creativity to all, rich and poor, educated or not....yet))
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        Nov 1 2011: Amira,
        Brown University has an annual 3-day conference similar to TED, student initiated, that is amazing. They have lots of creative brains from all disciplines coming together, like Cameron Sinclair (TED speaker and prize winner) He is an architect that for me summarizes creativity and service, with his Open Architecture Network.

        Take a look at A Better World by Design and see if maybe that is not something that could be done to bring about ideas in education to a wide group of people -from college and outside of it. In a smaller scale, possibly...

        Tell me what you think :-)

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