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Free Energy in Sound & Vibration

Today there are watches that exist that stay charged by you moving your hand all thanks to a simple mechanism inside that through vibrations in movement your watch stays charged. A very innovative watch indeed.

The idea I am proposing is to use the same technology to help create free energy for cities and areas with frequent seismic activity such as LA. They can be placed under roads often driven on. Sidewalks frequently walked on and in hallways, walkways, anything often walked on indoors like malls and especially stadiums & theaters.

There are devices to collect vibrations from sound and turn sound into free energy. These devices would be set in mass quantities in areas with lots of noise. They would look like a hearing aid but larger and would amp the sound within it's self into a miniature series of rings in a capsule. This will bottleneck all of the amplified sound into one small vibrating receiver. Creating friction on the rings that turn the sound's vibrations into energy. These can be used to keep Phones & iPods charged one day.

Music can help us think of ways to create free energy. Look at the Guitar, we see 6 strings. When tightened and plucked they vibrate. Building a small tube with strings like these on all insides, a circular shaped pipe, with multiple sections. There would be a plucking wheel that is in the center of the structure's spinning & plucking all strings around the enclosure, creating mass vibrations. If we can rig these strings to an electric guitar and make sound with them then couldn't we generate power with them to? I think so! Even beating drums are another example of sound and vibration. More ways to utilize free energy can be found in Music.

This isn't a total way of creating free energy for everything, but a technique that can be utilized to help power cities and other locations to improve the production of free energy in places that need it most. Ulitmately these ideas will backup all sources of free energy for accuracy in usage


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  • Oct 30 2011: Hi Matthew,

    We do collect energy from the Moon. That's what drives the tides, and indirectly, any tidal power plant.

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      Oct 31 2011: Well yeah, you're technically right. But that is also technically called tidal power.

      I meant to imply that we could possibly collect energy from the Moon directly, with out the water.

      I didn't think much into what I said when I said those words to be honest. It just came off the top of my head.

      But now that I am actually thinking about it. I imagine something like a lunar satellite.

      It could gather energy from the Moon's gravity somehow. Perhaps this device could be rigged with weighted arms that can be moved by its orbit around the Moon and it's gravitational pull on the weighted arms.

      Such a device would be awesome for powering a future space station on the Moon's surface or in orbit. Also considering that it's only use for the first ten years of the technologies life will be a lonely one, they should generate enough power to power most all future missions to the Moon. Sounds fun! Haha
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          Nov 8 2011: Hmm, I have never heard of this movie until now and it has Kevin Spacey? Sure I will watch it...

          I am guessing it is relevant to the discussion? haha
        • Steve C

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          Nov 10 2011: I don't remember Kevin in it.
          (& fetching the DVD, I almost mooned my friends as a quick "replay")
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          Nov 10 2011: Cool man, thanks for the recommendation, I am watching it now. :)
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          Nov 11 2011: It was really good! Sam Rockwell did an amazing job in this one and the relevance to the topic was pretty clear. Great movie. Thanks! :D

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