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Is there anything more important for humanity, and its long term survival, than knowing the "truth"?

I think the question is clear enough, although general. Sometimes we take for granted why we always want to know the truth, and my answer is because it helps us survive better, at least in the long term. Even gossiping and curiosity about other people's lives I believe come from that fact, that knowing the truth, and less secrets helps us survive better, more often than not. But this instinctive truth search sense we have developed in old and different times, to me seems as needed as ever today. I wonder what other people think, how many of us have thought of this, and the media, or the paparazzi, etc. in that way, and is there anything more essential for humanity's long term survival, in terms of values than knowing/seeking greater truths?


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    Feb 26 2011: that depends on the truth. of course I'm talking in general cuz personally i wouldn't like anyone to lie to me, even if it's for my own good. I just feel my brain abilities of accepting the truth underestimated .

    however, we can't tell the children the truth about making babies. and there are many places in which we can't tell the FULL truth . so we go on with the proverb saying "the less you know the better it is" .

    yes , if you think deeply, maybe there are many stuffs we don't need to know the truth about. like what's down there deep in the earth, what is there in the space, or what does a bee body consist of . I mean of course it may help some of us in a way or another, but for most of us we can live easily without knowing the truth .

    however, this desire to know everything is born with humans . we just love to know everything, hungry for knowledge and widening our brain capacity. it's just how we are created I guess.
    which isn't a bad idea i think :)

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