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Is there a way for the world to solve its problems that involves most of the population?

I believe there is. We know we need to stop the juggernaut of destruction killing our planet but currently it is business as usual while every problem continues virtually unabated. We need business as usual to be the business of solving them. I will not be affected. My life is coming to a close, but for those of you much younger than I, that is not the case. I'm on my way to the hospital so I am going to post this now. The question/idea and then my own post/reply to finish. Please contribute to how this can come about. Think success, help with the planning and logistics that cannot all fit here. Build it, build a consensus and build momentum.
The personnel and equipment of the world's militaries should be enlisted along with private businesses, to break up and remove the seven islands of human garbage in our oceans. The oceans are not ours. The garbage is. We have all contributed. Our lives depend upon water. All ecological systems are symbiotic and each ill system passes illness to those nearby. Qualified and concerned scientists agree they are poisoning and destroying all of the surrounding sea ecologies and will still exist in a 1,000 years. In less time we will not. Reports say it can’t be done and the cost is too high.
This should be 100% unacceptable to all of us.
All "non-essential" oceanic activity such as fishing, boating, military testing or maneuvers, and shipping, ceases for a period of 5-10 years in order for the oceans to heal themselves. We cannot heal them. We only pollute and empty them.
A concurrent project I call "human pick-up", involves the world's population removing all garbage and litter from our forests, lakes, ponds, streams and other waterways, our parks, streets, and drains and everywhere it is found. We cease littering and using it as land fill, and this can be done in a year or less. There are billions of us. Let’s work together now.

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    Nov 4 2011: yes there is , but most of the ppl still vcant grasp it cant digest it even do its simple efficient and works 100 percent
    THE FORMULA IS called Group practise of Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhi program -groups of 10.000 ppl in one place would eradicate all these problems in very short time in a month
  • Oct 25 2011: In the 80's, a world report estimated the individual and total monetary cost of solving every problem known to the earth and its inhabitants. The total was enormously high but only 1/4 of the total budgets of all the world's military spending. So to do so was very affordable but it has not been done. It is false to believe "things "get done" because of money. Things "don't get done",,,,,because of money!"

    Time is of the essence and the need is of utmost importance. To be successful, billions of humans will be directly involved around the globe. At sea and inland, to facilities built to destroy or recycle the garbage, and for all the supporting individual businesses needed, such as supplies, training, transportation, food, sleep, water, laundry, medical, technology, machinery, and many, many more. The individuals involved will also be supported by other supporting businesses and individuals and they in turn will be supported by other supporting human activity. All systems are symbiotic.

    Therefore, virtually all types of businesses and corporations will have to be in operation in order that supplies are supplied.
    For this to occur, all the needs that are needed must be provided for free. The cost therefore is not money, for nothing actually costs money.

    The cost is people, energy, knowledge, training, education, food, water, bedding, laundry, transportation, need, want, discipline, determination, humor, grit, faith, and on and on. It costs all of us, or all of us will pay the ultimate. We cannot survive the death of earth.

    Without money, we would all still want, need, desire and perform tasks necessary to our own survival and the survival of those around us. All the people of the earth are those around us. Thus the world could move en masse from a monetary system, which is inherently and essentially a system of inequality and ultimate failure because it is based on "infinite resources", to a "resource-based" economy, the first resource being people, not slaves.