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Lets join together to start "Going For A Global Truce" Peace Think Tank. We can hold telephone conference calls or online meetings weekly.

I was very inspired by TED Talk Independent Diplomat by Carne Ross at:

I never realized I could get involved with the solving many of the problems that exist around the world until I saw this talk and many of the others on TED.

Can we put our minds together and create a "Going For A Global Truce" Peace Think Tank. We can really develop a concrete step byplan that may help reduce conflict on Earth.

In 1928 The world renounced war and signed a pact called the Kellogg Briand Pact. The problem was they deviated from the pact and resorted back to war (WW2 and all subsequent wars). One plan that may be considered is to "go back to the pact" with all countries recommitting to re-sign a new pact agreeing not to use military action as an instrument of foreign relations. The old pact is still on the books. We can update it.

We have a chance now to go for it since The president is calling for our troops to come home. We may avert a WW3 if the countries of the world agree to stop war and implement a cease fire, global truce. Not just for one day but for every day!

Can we suggest a "Going For A Global Truce" cease fire training manual be developed collaboratively in the UN? Lesson plans may be developed in the UN for a voluntary training program for all world leaders to take as part of in an effort to teach how to lead without use of offensive force.

We can suggest all leaders be given a detailed training course through the UN presented by the lawyers of the International Criminal Court to make it very clear what is not legal. War is a series of crimes. I believe we have to keep tryingto come up with a step by step plan to stop humanity from entering into war.

With the UN encouraging world leaders to take an inventory of themselves, the direction of their leadership & how to do a better job interacting with each other thru conflict resolution meetings, talks, hearings.


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    Nov 5 2011: Michelle,
    You mention some good step by step plans to facilitate joining together for peace. I believe recognizing people as individuals is one small important step. A friend sent me this video this morning...it touched me very deeply.

    Emmanuel Kelly
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      Nov 5 2011: Dear Colleen Stern, Thanks for sending that link to me. I watched the video and it touched me as well. I began to have tears in my eyes. I hope we can imagine peace and create it too. I hope we all do our parts to put an end to war. I encourage anyone to view the video of Emmanuel Kelly singing Imagine by John Lennon at
      Sincerely, Michelle Rosenthal
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        Nov 10 2011: Michelle,
        Glad you enjoyed the link. I get chills, tears of sadness and joy each time I watch it.
        I experience sadness for what Emmanuel and his brother experienced as children, born in a war zone. And tears of joy for them experiencing peace and love as young men. I also notice that the very supportive and enthusiastic audience are young people...they are our future.

        Emmanuel sings..."I hope some day you'll join us, and the world will be as one". Let's listen carefully to all the messages he brings to us.
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    Oct 25 2011: Could a Global Constitution and a Global Bill of Rights with a Global Government system work to ensure a just and lasting peace? Could humans open up a global conversation as to how to secure a Global Truce and permanent Cease Fire? Could various options of world government be considered through a representative body such as the United Nations with a prototype for world government be drawn up by UN Consensus after long deliberation of all possible models. Could a goal to come up with the form of Global Governance that may be considered the best by consensus to help to try to ensure human life on Earth's survival be achieved? By reducing the likelihood of World Wars and smaller wars in the future humans may have a chance at a peaceful, just and lasting world peace respecting the human rights of each person.

    They may vote to adopt a form of government similar to the USA where by each country no matter how big or small may get one vote in the UN general assembly which could be considered like the Gloabal Senate and another body could provide for the Global House of Representatives where there are a fixed large number of representatives which could be elected based on a global census taken every 10 years. A system of Global Checks and Balances could be considered and an executive branch and judicial branch could be developed. Expansion of the International Criminal Court and The UN Court of Justice can be considered.

    Nations that are living within other larger nations that are currently unrepresented in the UN may be given representation in the Global Government. Please see www.unpo.org for a list.

    Can a people's voice can be added to the UN or the global Government? Please see http://www.earthrhythm.org/EmpowerTheUN2/thepeoplesmovement.html

    If humanity can solve the energy problem, see http://www.ted.com/talks/justin_hall_tipping_freeing_energy_from_the_grid.html
    and other global issues we may have a chance at passing a better world down to our kids.
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    Oct 25 2011: I am agreeing with you on some parts, but you must understand that there will never will be total peace in the world.
    It's just not possible as long there are borders that need to be defended. And sometimes you need to use criminal ways to maintain those borders.
    But there is also good news. A great example is the EU and the US (united states the word is already saying it! ) It's possible so long countries united under 1 banner. and agreeing to each other that they act as 1. That way you only need to make peace with 5 a 6 united country's and then there will be world peace. because the united county's will maintain there own peace within there country's ( sorry for my bad writing, but i am not that well known with the english language. )