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GREEN TECHNOLOGY + HYDROPONIC FARMING: We can do it right now! Let's go! Pro Hydro!

Save on land space for future generations & feed them by investing in hydroponic farming to grow vegetables & fruit in more quantity & quality. All around healthy produce for the future. This would more than double the rate of food production reducing world hunger by more than 25%. I imagine something like a tower to house the hydroponic farm equipped with solar panels, wind mills and a rain water reservoir on the roof for independent power to help insure the produce are forever growing. Every floor would be treated as a hydroponic crop. That is a lot of growing.

I want these buildings to be just like the ones that are all windows on all sides. Windows that allow sunlight in the tower on every crop and like the ones described by Justin Hall-Tipping. The ceilings on every floor would be tiled with large mirrors with grow lights embedded in the ceiling installed right above and or near every row or unit of growing produce. The floor would require reflective metal tiles. This combination would maximize the gain of real and artificial sunlight on the crops.

Farmers are sure to adopt this new technique as the industry grows and would either sell their lands to move near the cities or use their property for these towers or similar farming structures. We will have a influx of farmland buying & selling. Selling older nonessential land for the population to settle into in the near future. Creating new suburban neighborhoods in rural areas reducing farmland expansion and harsh winters that halt crop harvesting by creating a way to grow all the time with out using too much land. Expanding space for the population. Giving city and rural areas a chance to grow economically in a time the world needs it most.

In time there will be many entrepreneurs & farmers taking advantage of this goldmine around the world with the potential of being the first global gold rush since fossil fuel's! City and rural areas will expand and the world economy will get a appreciatingly welcome boost.


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    Nov 24 2011: Agricultural towers using hydroponics or aeroponics is a great idea, but not a new one. Lots of people are working on this concept. Google "agricultural towers" and select "images" to see dozens of architects' ideas of how this concept can work in or near our cities.

    For such tower agriculture to reach its full potential, crops would need to be bred for the purpose. Depending on the crop, stalks, leaves, flowers, and/or roots that have developed for a plant to grow in an open field would be adjusted to the hydro/aero-ponic environment. Simply setting our ordinary crops in this environment will not give the optimum results. In the end we may wind up with some bioengineered mineral-and-vitamin-stuffed protein mass on the dinner table.

    The great advantages of such farming towers include stability of environment, availability and economy of water, flexibility to adapt to various crops, and closeness to market.

    Hazards include mass infection, sabotage, and other massive failures of the artificial system. Engineered systems are always subject to some probability - hopefully low - of failure, and there would have to be considerable redundancies and safeguards.

    By the way, the notion that good agricultural land is plentiful is a fiction. In the U.S. for example, the overdrawn Ogalalla aquifer that waters much of our farmland is in great danger, and good topsoil is being reduced every year. In California's Central Valley, our most productive agricultural region, the soil is gradually becoming more saline, and much has been taken out of production or changed to other, more salt-tolerant, crops. Water is also at a critical state in California. The problem of farmland is real.
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      Nov 24 2011: Wow, such excellent input Paul.

      I did not know there were already others who thought about this. But of course, there are billions of people. How silly of me to think this idea was unique to just me. I am glad that I am not alone on this notion that we can grow more with such towers.

      I remember when I was a kid hearing about something on the news regarding farmland and agricultural space. I thought why not just build up! They could farm lots more if they had another floor/crop above the other. This is how my idea grew. I have been dreaming of this since I was young.

      I am very excited to see this idea is on its way to fruition. Way to go humanity! 100 points! :D

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