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what type of DC electricity is most efficient, environmentally sound and reliable for low volt, low amp continuous supply?

When making Biorock structures in the ocean for coral restoration, breakwater creation, and fish habitat, a low volt current causes Calcium Carbonate and other minerals to deposit onto a negatively charged cathode. A positively charged anode is nearby. There are multiple power options: wave, solar, wind, battery chargers, tidal,...Considering the many variables of cost, ease of application in the ocean, life expectancy, reliability, renewable resource, easy for all to use, durability in a hurricane...which talks or people, products or organizations do you recommend exploring? Wind and solar are the most common for this application, but I know there are so many methods under development, curious what you suggest!

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Thank you for your suggestion. I looked into the links, watched the vimeo. I'm passing it along to share with the others in the group.