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Getting rid of standardized tests and increasing an emphasis on critical thinking!

Memorizing is not learning, we must learn concepts and learn to apply them to real life situtations. There is too much emphasis on rote memory and not enough on the learning process and the thinking process.

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    Oct 24 2011: what about letting those parents who prefer standardized tests, have those tests, and those who don't want such tests, get rid of them?

    or you propose that standardized tests must be banned, and the parents that wants it, should not be able to have it? do you want to impose your values on everyone? do you imply that you are right, and others have to follow?
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      Oct 27 2011: The problem I have with standardized tests is that it promotes a short term way of learning, and doesn't introduce the learning process as something valuable in itself, but as means to an end. It's irresponsible to do so.

      You can have standardized testing, but why would you want to?
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        Oct 27 2011: if something is useless, people won't choose it. so it is enough to let them choose. why can't teachers and parents decide?
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    Oct 24 2011: I respectfully disagree. Standardized test are appropriate for basic knowledge, measuring one's ability to go forward with further knowledge. I do, however, completely agree that we need to increase the emphasis on critical thinking.
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    Nov 1 2011: .
    I fully agree with Brittney, but I would add: there's not enough "practise" either. There are bio-engineers who study plants for 6 years without ever having seen a tree, so to speak. All senses must contribute to the learning process. When young people come out of education, they're often sense-less (literally) zombies, who have forgotten that they have a body.

    A new educational model would be based on knowledge derived from learning processes and on practical knowledge by going out to look, feel, touch, hear, taste, smell and make things.

    Finally, I think some form of "contemplation" (ritual repetitiveness of certain important things) is also important, as an antidote against neurotic forms of learning. Like the old monks in the monasteries, who learned, prayed and gardened. The praying was important as a form of meditation, to make "warm and calm" people out of monks. We could use a modern variant of this.
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    Oct 24 2011: Why are we obsessed with measuring? Why do we pit ourselves against each other? The outcome of of this behavior is ranking people from best to worst and I don't see where there has a huge benefit except for those ranked closer to best.

    From what little exposure I have had to it, the Khan School model seems brilliant and very effective.